Lorraine Stancil
You Are My Everything

It’s got to be a little difficult to capture the energy of Lorraine Stancil on track. I’ve seen her kick off shoes, muss her hair, and just go plumb crazy in the name of Jesus, but the reckless abandon she ministers with is in direct contrast to the control she possesses over her voice. Virtually unknown to many who consider themselves Gospel fans, a knowledge of who Stancil is separates the boys from the men. She possesses one of the greatest voices of the genre. With a range that goes from top to bottom, and a versatility that goes from here to there, Stancil is without a doubt one of the most unsung songstresses out there. If you don’t know, you need to know.

With her sophomore release, and her first on SGM / Anointed Sounds Records, Stancil delivers another to add to your collectors bin. A twelve track offering, she revives herself on You’re My Everything, along with two songs rearranged and re-recorded from her debut release.

“Everyday with Jesus” is one of those re-emergent tunes. Already a favorite from the first time, Stancil takes the song to new heights with her always-exceptional vocals, Lorraine Stancil CDbacked by an equally superb musical groove, arranged by Terence Kitchings.

“The Lord is Using Me”, is the other; a sweet slow swing that affords Stancil the time to stretch out and exercise her full upper range. As she aptly dances upward to the nether regions of anybody’s reach, she makes you wish the song would go on forever. But don’t float away, she’ll take you from there to the depths of her range (in the last 25 seconds of the track) that will quickly make you forget where you just were.

From there, the new material is as nice. “You’ve Been Good”, a ballad to our Beloved, also smoothly showcases her range; ending up in the type of take-it-home drive that makes Gospel Gospel. “I Will Bless the Lord” takes standard blues chords and changes the tone with with words of praise. A pleasant recorded surprise is the hymn “‘Tis So Sweet”. Rendered acappella, it is a testimony to the sharpness and clarity that Stancil’s voice embodies.

You name it, it’s covered here on this project. From “Talk It Over With Jesus” complete with cadence reminiscent of a choir march-in song, to the sweet melody of traditional “Close To Thee” done only as Stancil can do it, the project flows nicely both musically and vocally. Producer and son, Kevin Stancil does as good a job as possible catching lightening in a bottle.

If you haven’t acquainted yourself with Lorraine Stancil’s voice, you should. If you know her, you’ll be happy to know she just keeps getting better and better. You’re My Everything is but a sampling of the breadth of her gift, but as superb as it is, trust me, that’s all you could handle!

Producers: Kevin Stancil, John Peters, Dave Blake
album release date: August, 1999
SGM / Anointed Sounds Records

— reviewed by
Melanie Clark

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