Take 6
Greatest Hits

With six albums to their credit and seven Grammy awards, it's hard to believe that this is the first 'greatest hits' project for Take 6. Take a look in any CD bin and you will find many such compilations from artists with far less exposure and with much less qualification.

And yet, with two brand new tracks, this disk offers more than just a handy collection of their most popular vocal grooves from years past. The sextet teams up with CeCe Winans on "One And The Same", providing a sure-fire quiet storm which celebrates the duality of Take 6 Greatest Hits CDJesus Christ. The words are beautifully expressive: "the Healer and the Wounded, the Shepherd and the Lamb".

The other new track is "The Best Stuff In The World Cafe", which is a swingy, modern-day, allegory that expresses the non-preachy Gospel theme that the group is known for.

Added to the mix are notable selections from albums where Take 6 appeared as guests, including their contribution (with Stevie Wonder) to the Handel's Messiah: A Soulful Celebration concept album, "U Turn" from the 1989 Joe Sample "Spellbound" project, "Setembro" from Quincy Jones' Back On the Block, and "Destiny" from the still-charting Prince of Egypt Inspirational soundtrack.

A 'greatest hits' set wouldn't be one if didn't include favorites. There are seven on that count, taken from four of Take 6's previous six projects, including "Spread Love", "Fly Away" and "Biggest Part of Me".

It's not often that a greatest hits collection offers as much as this.

Producers: Various
album release date: July 20, 1999
Reprise Records

reviewed by Stan North

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