Tanya Ray
Everyday With Jesus

People like Albertina Walker and LuVonia Whittley should know. So, when both go on record to publicly support this new artist, it is wise to sit up straight and take notes. So start scrambling for a pen.

The spotlight is on Tanya Ray, the youngest of four singing Ray Sisters. As a soloist, she demonstrates plenty of highEveryday With Jesus CD alto verve, a no-doubt anointing, and possesses an ease and familiarity with traditional Gospel that is refreshing to see in a generation hyped on the latest beats and rhythms.

Ray takes firm control of this project from start to finish, showing a clarity of tone and a polish beyond her years. With the material consistently awash in traditional grooves, she tackles a variety of both novel arrangements of familiar hymns, and instant classic originals such as “Thank You For the Blood”.

With sufficient exposure, the title track has the potential to become a traditional smash, and smacks of a radio hit, as brassy grooves combine with exquisite backing vocals to support Ray’s treatment of the solid melody. “Beauty of Holiness” is another standout track.

Producer Darwin Jackson (who also arranges much of the material on the project), gets props for taking advantage of the full horn section, and for knowing how to make the rest of the band work to bring the best out of Ray.

Great voice, strong vocal and band support, good material, innovative arrangements….truly, there’s not much to criticize here, aside from the CD artwork, which, while on par with the look of most independent projects, doesn’t do justice to the CD contents.

Dig for this one.

(This CD may be hard to find; if it's not at your local Gospel music store, you can order it directly from the artist's management group at 708-503-1140)

Producer: Darwin Jackson
album release date: August 3, 1999
Angie Ray Ministries

— reviewed by Stan North —

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