A New Voice...Tarralyn Ramsey

Tarralyn Ramsey

Verity Records picks another plum in their fresh new artist Tarralyn Ramsey. A new voice with the agility and discipline of a more senior vocalist, Ramsey is sure to make some noise with her self-titled debut release.

Starting off with a tune that was written and previously recorded by Rudolph Stanfield, Ramsey flexes what she's got on the live-recorded Tarralyn Ramsey CD "Tell It". It's an exuberant uptempo tune produced by Donald Lawrence and solidly backed by Patrick Love and Spirit of David. Her voice houses two pleasingly perplexing characteristics —clarity and raspiness —if you can imagine. Can't explain it beyond that, but they're both definitely there! (Check the digital audio postcard download)

Clarity is definitely king on "Count It All Joy", a mid-tempo ballad co-written by Wayman Tisdale and Ramsey. On "Don't Be Weary", Ramsey duets with Carnell Murrell, whose vocal performance lets you know he hasn't gone anywhere. "Unconditional Love", which was featured on the WOW Gospel 2000 release makes an encore appearance. And notably, Thomas Whitlfield's "Saved" is beautifully interpreted at the hand of producer Lawrence.

The clearly contemporary "Shout About" produced by Derrick Allan, will start you off on the set of grooves which also includes "Everyday", produced and written by T.Boy.

Of particular note on this project is the care the production team took in not clouding such a miraculous voice with too much "stuff". To this end does Murrell write the closing set of ballads; the delicate "Come In" where Ramsey shares the raw, raspy side of her voice against a simple backdrop of a pared-down track and "Peace of God" where a light ethereal mood is set for her to simply flow.

Tarralyn Ramsey CDLook for great things from Tarralyn Ramsey. Though many will find worth in comparing her vocal sound to some Gospel and R&B veterans alike, Ramsey leaves a unique mark on everything she touches. Her voice seems to embody qualities that don't normally share space — fresh/seasoned, clear/raspy, familiar/unusually different.

And it's this powerfully ambiguous presence, along with great production and incredible vocal prowess, that will keep you listening to Tarralyn Ramsey over and over.

Producers: Wayman Tisdale, Cedrid Thompson, Donald Lawrence, T.Boy
album release date: June 20, 2000
Verity Records

reviewed by Melanie Clark

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