Tim Bowman

Tim Bowman offers us a peek inside his heart and life with Smile, his third release on InSync Records.

The countless Gospel artists who have featured his guitar skills on their projects are testimony that he certainly is not lacking in skill. On his solo offerings, Bowman also demonstrates that he has the gift of interpreting feelings and stories using his mastery of plucking the strings.

Smile CDThe age-old discussion of whether instrumentalists can really be praising God unless they are playing a hymn is quashed by the delightful expression of God's love that Bowman conveys in each song. Yes, in most cases, even without words.

The title cut, "Smile" exemplifies how He can show His love this way —in music without words —much the same way in which He can show His love through a simple smile. An expressive array of tunes that includes Fred Hammond's "Glory to Glory", and "Just Another Day" (which rides a nice bass line), making it a glorious project.

Take some time to revel in the marital love song, "Yes, No and Yes" with lead by Howard Smith. Smith wraps his cosy, fireside vocals around this song of songs with such a mastery that it made us dig for his own two solo projects. It's well worth that effort (see review of Smith's latest project).

Other supporting psalmists on this project include the respected D'Aundre Thomas on bass and Dana Davis on keyboards.

Bowman speaks both expertly and eloquently with his guitar and with Smile, thankfully allows us into his world.

Producer: Tim Bowman, Al Turner, Bryan Bowman
album release date: October, 2000
InSync Records

reviewed by Melanie Clark and Stan North

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