Vickie Winans
Live In Detroit II

With Live in Detroit still riding high on Billboard’s Gospel charts, Vickie Winans comes back Vickie Winanswith this sequel, Live in Detroit II. With the success that the first album has garnered, it should not come as too much of a surprise that she does not stray too off the beaten path in this follow-up project.

In fact, the same venue (Bishop Andrew Merritt’s Straight Gate Church), and many of the same key players have been used, including Steven Ford, who again brings his capable hand to the producer’s board. With Johnathan DuBose on guitar, Anthony Walker and Aaron Lindsey on keys, and Jeffrey Davis on drums, the band continues to keep it tight.

Vickie brings her recognizable vocals to the fore with a selection of new material, including the fervent “Already Been To the Water” and the uptempo island vibe, “I Hear Music In the Air”. She also includes a fresh cover of “Spirit of the Living God”, as well as a medley of church favorites. One of the most intriguing cuts on the project is her remake of the old Winans hit “Ain’t No Need To Worry”. (The Winans family is so big that they can easily get away with covering each other’s material!)

When the project concludes with the “(’Fa Mom Duke) remix” of her smash “Long As I Got King Jesus” from the first project, you realize that in fact, this collection could have easily been the second disc of one of those increasingly popular two-disc compilation sets. If you enjoyed the first, you will no doubt enjoy the second.

Producers: Steven Ford and Vickie Winans
CGI Records

— reviewed by Stan North —

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