Chester Baldwin and Music Ministry Mass
VIDEO: Sing It On Sunday Morning!

Surprise high-charter Chester Baldwin takes his ministry to video on this 60-minute home VHS of his Sing It On Sunday Morning! debut. (See CD review of this project).

The over 200 voices of the Music Ministry Mass cram onto the faux-pillar themed stage of the packed Shoreline Christian Center in Austin, Texas, flashing red and blue basic outfits. With that number of voices comes certainty of power, and this live recording captures that energy.

Chester Baldwin VideoOnce the slightly overdramatic opening video effects are dispensed with, Baldwin takes center stage, and from the opening few bars of the first song ("It's Time"), grabs both visual and acoustic attention with his rich rendering of the tune. Thanks to some good close-up camera work on Baldwin throughout the video, this attention doesn't dwindle as the project unwinds.

True to the CD, the strong cuts ("I Will Serve Him", Watch God Work A Miracle" and "I Still Hear Mama Praying") are just as strong on camera, with the choir's energy and enthusiasm amply obvious. And Baldwin's charisma and vocal animation on the moving "The Lord Made Me For Song" is a delight. His duet with his own pastor (A.W.A. Mays) on "Someone Who Cares" is also a highlight.

Occasional snafus (such as props getting in the way of the camera shots and the listed video song list order being out of synch with the video order), don't distract much from this project, as it is truly the music that carries this ministry.

You won't go wrong in snagging this one, if only for the added dimension that the visual impact brings to the already powerful vocals present on the CD.

Video Production: Jesus Garcia, James Roberson, Chester D.T. Baldwin
video release date: summer, 2000
JDI Records

reviewed by Stan North

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