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VIDEO: Live In London and More

Yes, Donnie McClurkin is live in London, but what is most striking amidst the backdrops of famous landmarks and occasional British accents is the 'more'.

It's more than simply a visual companion piece to the already much-loved album ofLive In London and More Video the same name. Not only does McClurkin present the full slate of songs we know from the CD, but many of them are are offered up in unedited and extended versions.

That, combined with the visual element and a few interview segments including where McClurkin takes us on a mini-tour of London, make this video the catch of the year.

The expansive stage of the Fairfield Hall in Croydon (outside London) is well utilized, with band, The Ruach Ministries Choir and backing singers arranged artistically in support of ample stage space for McClurkin.

The duet with Pastor Marvin Winans is a standout. "Who Would've Thought" catches fire on video, with Winans and McClurkin blazing the stage with back and forth antics, and a duality of stage presence that is perhaps unparalled; pastors both, and close friends too. You can catch several ad libbed and throw away lines from Winans that were neatly edited out of the CD version for the sake of continuity, but are wisely retained in this video version.

Donnie McClurkin video clip - in the Taxi Donnie with Juanita Francis On Stage Click on each of the above images to download clips from the video.
Another scene that sears into the memory is "Carribean Medley", where McClurkin is so obviously at one with the crowd, that it's pure joy to watch. There's screams of delight in the crowd, dancing in the aisles and hands raised high as identification with the familiar island-singed choruses spreads throughout the house.

Setting it off is little Juanita Francis, who shyly comes onto the stage and nimbly dances beside McClurkin through the entire praise.

There's also a bonus track on this video, which serves as the replacement for "I Do, I Do" (which, being a studio track, isn't on the video). It's "Great is Thy Faithfulness", and Donnie caresses the song with appropriate tenderness, alone on the stage.

Then it seamlessy merges into Don Moen's "Great Is Thy Mercy".

This is another video highlight. The six background singers are one by one featured as they cloak the song with their personal interpretation
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and implied individual testimonies: Queenie Lennox, Sheila Carpenter, Vincent Freeman, Duawan Starling, Andrea McClurkin-Mellini and Sherrie McGhee. The acappella all-together chorus with Donnie's bass vocals anchoring the ensemble, is a perfect finish.

The concluding "We Fall Down" ends in a moving altar call that extends into your own living room.

Technically, there's nary a fault from director Roy Frances and the Creative Technologies production team. When you're half way through the video and you realize you haven't once winced at chosen camera angles, frowned at unnessary special effects or wished for different closeups, you know you've got a winner par excellence.

It's simple. This video does all that a video is supposed to. And more.

Video Producer: Roy Frances
album release date: October, 2000
Verity Records

reviewed by Stan North

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