Fred Hammond and Radical For Christ
VIDEO: Purpose By Design

Purpose By Design VideoFred Hammond follows up his Purpose by Design project with a full spectrum, live concert video.

With a band hotter than July and Hammond's usual apt arrangements (with new mixes from the CD to boot), Radical For Christ has an ample backdrop to lay down an energetic performance.

Video production by Paul and Donna Christensen of Omega Productions is on par with their usual excellence, and features two funky instrumental interludes that show Fred as an action figure in his favorite pastimes: riding his motorcycles and speedboating. (Click here to see a movie clip of Fred zooming along on his bike).

Hammond and company do the rundown from the CD (see review), with a few added bonuses that include a Joe Pace and Colorado Mass collabo on "We Worship", and concept video extra of "Let Me Praise You Now."

The funkiness and band blazin' attitude of The "Blood Medley", with brilliant hymn incorporations and the work of Aaron Lindsey is worth the 'price of admission'.

The concert highlights a star-studded audience taking it in at the MGM Grand Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, and features some sincere ministering to the crowd from Hammond. If you've ever been lied on —and who hasnít —Hammond's intro to "Thank You Lord" will surely have you on your face andPurpose By Design Video bring new perspective to the Jamesí admonishment to "count it all joy" (James 1:2). He explains that sometimes the Lord allows that lie to be told, in order to distract from the REAL horrendous thing about you. Somebody say, "Thank You!"

All in all, this is a video that is musically fresh, yet manages to not stray too far from the original recording. It's a video that does what video should do; enhance the love you already have for a project.

No longer a pay-per-view special, you can now view it all you like after purchase.

Video Producers: Paul and Donna Christensen
album release date: August 22, 2000
Verity Records

ó reviewed by Melanie Clark ó

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