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Kim Burrell
VIDEO: Live in Concert

You often hear of live videos being described as a 'companion piece' to the audio CD. With Kim Burrell, it's so much more than just that.

Live In Concert VideoBecause the audio is SO live, it truly takes experience of watching the 85-minute concert video to appreciate the gift and that ministry that Burrell brings. Immersed in cutting edge jazz vocals and searing, frontier-splashed instrumentation that goes hand-in-hand with that, the worship proceedings at Bishop G.E. Patterson's Bountiful Blessing COGIC sanctuary in Memphis are one of a kind.

From start to finish, Kim Burrell displays a confidence and an assuredness that tells you that she knows her calling. From the laidback “How Will You Know” to the intensely intricate "Anything", she is aware of the entire musical package: full band, her five vocalists and the expansive congregation taking in the whole experience.

With the band crew sprawled in a crescent along the back of the stage, Burrell, dressed at first in royal blue velvet and changing to textured black with tinted shades half way through, takes her spot at the front of the jutting stage. With all the action that's going on behind her, perhaps some more camera shots of the band would have been appropriate.

Kim Burrell concert video clip Click on the above image to download a clip from the video.
Nevertheless, video co-ordinator Francesca Falacci does a fine job of using shots from her four camera operators, plus some generous handling of the hand-held. More often than not she chooses to focus directly on Burrell in close shots. Thus, the sparing use of the boom, with its impressive overhead vistas, becomes all that more effective.

Several great moments are caputured in between the live cuts, with Burrell frequently extending words of encouragement and at one point exhorting the congregation to join her in an extended praise/dance break. And they do!

This video offering is satisfaction guaranteed for the growing multitudes who have come to appreciate all that Kim Burrell has to offer.

Video Co-ordinator: Francesca Falacci
album release date: March 6, 2001
Tommy Boy Gospel

— reviewed by Stan North

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