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Waxmuseum: The Mix Tape

In honor of the first major label release of a Gospel mix tape, GospelFlava.com presents a little 'mix' of our own, as we go beyond the usual with this review. Just as "Wax Museum, The Mix Tape" offers a continuous, unbroken mix of tracks through itís entire length, so we present a seamless integration of album review and artist interview on this page. Wherever you see a hyperlink, clicking it will give you access to additional information, or DJ Majís responses to issues surrounding the project.

Gotee Records has been known to release projects on the cutting edge, garnering awards such as the prestigious Dove.

This go round is no exception. On the forefront again, comes an artist emerging from the turntables, DJ Maj (pronouncedDJ Maj CD Madge), with his debut LP entitled Wax Museum - The Mix Tape. Featuring original tracks compiling an entourage of some of hip-hop's hottest artists such as GRITS, Knowdaverbs, Pettidee, 4th Ave Jones; even newcomers KJ-52 and John Reuben get in on the action. Other contributors exhibiting skills on Wax Museum include Count Bass D and Vexdavortex. The slate continues with "hit making" tracks from the sisters from the garden —the incomparable Out of Eden and also The Katinas and others.

This is most definitely a historical event in Christian music, this being the first mix tape released on a major label. By the sound of it, it won't be the last. DJ Maj advises us to buckle up and prepare for a ride in his transit. His cordial "Welcome To The Mix Tape Experience" CD intro summons the definition of a mix tape —one which may leave many clueless.

Schooling us on the mix tap terminology, he informs us that it is a collage of artists bringing their talents to the table, and as DJ, it's his job to turn them around and infuse new flava. With tight remixes, interval scratches, smooth flows, and "mind blowing" artists, he not only proves his skills but also promotes his fellow artists as he introduces some that may not be as well known even in some holy hip-hop circles.

Out of Eden

The female trio of sisters stands apart in Gospel, as their appeal is also broadly spread over a diverse audience of CCM. With a sound that embraces Out of Edenboth Gospel, R&B and Pop, they frequently defy categorization.

On their third album, No Turning Back, Lisa Kimmey Bragg showcases her songwriting and production talent, demonstrating that she is a force to be reckoned with not only in vocals.

See full review.

DJ Maj with Pigeon John invite listeners to hop on "The Golden Motorcycle". Prepare to be amazed by this contagious rendition. The ride continues as Maj chauffeurs through tracks such as "No Turning Back" featuring Out of Eden. Head-bobbing grooves, fueled by the trademark vocals that OOE is known for, catapults this track to the land of favorites.

Undisputedly, "The Real" is the track that encapsulates the definition of hip-hop; DJ Maj along with T Cleezy and Quick Mickey Flanigan shift into high gear in the fast lane as they cruise on the freeway requesting a U-turn back to real, true hip-hop. "Set Sail" (from The Factors of the Seven album ) and "Ima Showem" showcase award-winning crew, GRITS. Both tracks give fans nothing but the best with hits that break speed laws. They don't stop and they don't quit.

"Fallin'", a collaboration of 4th Ave. Jones', piques interest in the project and targets the bull's eye for a hit. Group member Ahmad, may sound familiar as he is featured on "Fresh Coast Thang" on Sup The Chemist's latest LP, Dust (see review).

On "Run Down South", Dj Maj takes a detour and drives south with a dynamic duo sound from Pettidee (see interview) and Liquid Man. The Dirty South never sounded cleaner —this track is a low-rider classic for sure. Defying the speed limit, he takes it past 100 with glass-shattering grooves that even the devil can't catch. Proverb from Seventh Street DJ MajRecords group 1Way (see review), seconds that motion as he encourages listeners to vibe with DJ Maj.

Not only is this CD packed with the message of Christ, hard-hitting lyrics, innovative beats, and phenomenal vocals, it also features a comedy track with "Bring Back Arsenio", the brain child of DJ Maj and L.A. Symphony. It will bring a smile from even the most skeptical of this genre.

DJ Maj's ingenious, God-laced talents shine bright on this project, making it is a must for the hip-hop heads all over the world. His years of experience, excellent choice of featured artists, impressive remixes, familiarity of true hip-hop, and listener-friendly tracks grant him a license to rock audiences worldwide.

Producers: Incoporated Elements and DJ Maj
album release date: May 9, 2000
Gotee Records

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