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"How do you like your hiphop?" Sup The Chemist boldly requests an answer to this question on his latest CD, simply yet profoundly entitled Dust.

For over a decade, Sup The Chemist has been a dominating force in the ever-developing genre labeled ChristianDust CD hip-hop, garnering respect from the Christian as well as the secular industry. Hailing from the West Coast, one would assume that his style would be confined by the sound of fellow artists emerging from California; this is not the case.

Sup never ceases to "shock" his audience by masterfully changing his style, techniques, flows and beats to introduce a new flava to the listener. With fork in one hand and knife in the other, picture yourself at your favorite restaurant about to indulge into a mouth-watering meal. So are the elements that compose Sup's latest rendition. Tantalizing beats, scrumptious lyrics and creamy flows overly-excite the tastebuds of the average hip-hopper's palette.

Dust has the potential to surpass his previous work considerably. This 15-track LP containsSup The Chemist God-exalting, quality lyrics, beats reeled in from the rivers of life, enjoyable vocals, and rhythmic flows from out of this world. The introduction confirms this perception by declaring his return, after a 5-year sabbatical, to the rap game. Even the CD sleeve gives a visual display of his comeback through cartoonism, once again allowing the consumer to lounge in the pool of his imagination.

Track #2 interprets "The Language of Imagination" by displaying Sup's lyrical skills attempting to translate hip-hop's broadness and scope. "My Shot" is a rapper's delight with a beat that screams for its place in the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame.

Another of Sup's strong arguments is found in the song "Venality". Sup The Chemist sheds light on the emcees that rap strictly for monetary gain lacking skill and moral conviction. With the help of the L.A. Symphony crew, this explosive, illuminating track explores the crooked part of the industry— that distorted, degrading lyrics are the result of "money hungry" motives. He signals that those taking this approach of "monotonous material" be displaced from pioneering status. Sup desires to remain consistent to his credence that real hip-hop is birthed from originality given by God.

Jon Gibson and Sup

Fellow Californian and B-Rite Music artist Jon Gibson, connected with Sup from his pioneering days in Gospel hip-hop multiple years ago.

Gibson is a self-styled smooth vocalist and was one of the very first 'big name' artists to embrace holy hip-hop, bringing MC Hammer into the mix on "The Wall" on his "Change of Heart" project from 1988.

Jon Gibson CD While Gibson appears with Sup on the Kansas remake on "As The Sun Rises", he can also be heard on his recent solo project, "The Man Inside" from B-Rite Music (see review).
Sup then exhibits his ingenious originality and creativity on "Fresh Coast", featuring Ahmad from 4th Ave. Jones. Many will attest that this is the "tightest" song on the album. The addictive beat and the marriage of flows of the two artists challenge any secular rapper to deliver.

On "Photographs", Sup the Chemist invites the audience in to take a 'stroll down memory lane' and reminisce with him important events that transpired in his life such as the death of brother and the birth of his son. Accompanied by vocals supplied by S.P., Sup demonstrates his talents to transcend hip hop's "edginess" and flow to a mellow groove revealing intimate moments in his life.

Other noted tracks are "How Do You Like Your Hip Hop?", "Art", and "Here" (which contains splashes of scratches performed by DJ Melo-D). "As The Sun Rises" features B-Rite Music recording artist, Jon Gibson (see sidebar), which identifies the album title in its chorus, a smooth flowing track which is a remake of "Dust In The Wind." "Top Raimen Nights" sympathizes the trials of a rap artist dedicated to his craft. Finally, "Is This A Dream?" chronicles the apocalyptic climax found in the book of Revelations, story-telling at its finest.

This album is a definite item in any hip-hop addict's collection searching for current hits. It is not one to pass up, as it possesses throw-off styles, a play on words that Sup is famous for, and guest artists that spark the album.

After hearing this album "How Do You Like Your Hip Hop?" will be easily answered...Sup The Chemist style.

Producer: Sup the Chemist and various others
album release date: January 31, 2000
Uprok / BEC Recordings

special review to GospelFlava.com by Brenda Ingram II

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