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VIDEO: All About Him (Jesus)

OíLanda Draperís Associates have always been a moving choir. Thatís both in emotion and choreography.

Recorded live at the choirís annual Music Lovers' Conference in 2000, the Memphis concert footage comes alive as All About Him (Jesus) Videothe choir brings nine of new cuts from their All About Him (Jesus) project (see album review).

The focus rests solely on them as they take to the sparse wooden stage, in their blues with zig-zagged stripes, with band stage right.

Kenon Walker sparks things with his fireplug stage presence as he furiously raps through the infectious title track. From there, the choir settles back into their laidback remake of "My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord", with several tightly sequenced rhythmic and visual moves.

As with the CD, the traditionally-themed "Clean Me Up" stands out as one of the Associateís kickiní new songs, with Deborah Walkerís video production work emphasizing solo and choir interaction.

Also striking is choir directress Patrina Smithís serious energy. On par with the moves that Ricky Dillard brings to the stage, she demonstrates that she doesnít need to be dramatic, her natural verve is contagious enough to both capture the choirís attention and rivet the crowd.

Associates video clip - with Kenon Walker Click on the above image to download a clip of "All About Him (Jesus)", from the video.
By the time the choir has switched into their white-fronted robes half way through the concert, the crowd is one with those on stage. That goes from their tender tribute to their late founder, Oílanda Draper ("Iíll See You Again") to the heavily churched vibes such as "We Need A Word". Pay close attention to the crowd shots and youíll see faces in the crowd such as Richard Smallwood and Tammy Taylor.

On "We Have Come", we get treated with an extenda-mix of this song, far beyond the length of found on the CD. The choir takes full advantage of the inclusion of significant elements of "Gotta Feeliní" in the song, and take it back a few years. Itís obvious that they enjoy doing so (yeah yeah yeah yeah).

Itís another one to add to your visual collection. From the looks of it, weíll be hearing and seeing alot more of OíLanda Draperís Asssociates.

Video Producer: Deborah Walker
album release date: February 13, 2001
MCG Records

ó reviewed by Stan North ó

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