Arthur T. Jones debut album, Speak For Me, In Stores March 12, 2002!

Sneak Preview
Rev. Arthur T. Jones — Speak For Me

Preview the debut CD from long-time Florida Mass collaborator Rev. Arthur T. Jones, titled Speak For Me. Check out the three audio snippets available at the bottom of this page. The album releases on March 12, 2002 from Allen & Allen Music Group (AAMG).

Album Information Courtesy of AAMG:

Allen & Allen Music Group (AAMG) has announced a dynamic partnership with celebrated pastor and vocalist Rev. Arthur T. Jones for the release of Speak For Me, Rev. Jones’ long-awaited debut solo effort.

Rev. Arthur T. JonesAs an ordained minister, author, singer, songwriter, bible expositor and CD and video producer, Rev. Jones has long been a celebrated fixture in the Gospel music community. Rev. Jones’ tenure as executive director and producer for The Florida Mass Choir has yielded 12 acclaimed LP’s, CD’s and/or videos; in addition, Rev. Jones has also been responsible for three highly successful and culturally uplifting productions: Don’t Give Up on Your Dream, Til Victory is Won, and What’s Going On. In total, Rev. Jones’ artistic credits include more than 50 written and published songs and commercial works, making this, his first solo effort, a remarkable debut indeed.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with Rev. Jones, whose integrity, ingenuity, and Godly attitude have made him a gospel music icon,” says Garrett Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of Allen & Allen Music Group. “Not only is he gifted musically, but also has a keen business sense, bringing invaluable corporate experience and knowledge to the relationship.”

Rev. Arthur T. Jones Info
Rev. Arthur T. Jones
In the early ‘70’s Pastor Jones started a singing group called the New Redemptive Ensemble, which evolved into the Tampa Mass Choir.

The Tampa Mass Choir grew and expanded to other cities and officially became the Florida Mass Choir in 1975.

Throughout the next two decades, Rev. Jones led the famed Florida Mass Choir to prominence in the gospel music field as Executive Director and principal soloist.

During his tenure, he wrote, directed, recorded, and produced some of the finest traditional gospel recordings in history, including 12 critically acclaimed LPs, CDs, and videos.

Over the years, this gift has cultivated more than 50 written and published songs, television commercial works and credits, all leading up to his highly anticipated solo CD debut, Speak For Me.

Check out www.atjonesministries.org for more information on this acclaimed pastor and artist.
Rev. Jones adds, “For many years I’ve prayed for the day when gospel artists would be respected and appreciated for their business prowess, as well as their God-given talent. For that reason, I am excited to enter into partnership with AAMG. They are a much-needed new breed for the music industry, who recognize that there is no dichotomy between a consecrated heart and an educated mind. Our hope is that this relationship will stand as a model where business and artistry converge to present to the masses the finest product possible.”

For the crafting of Speak For Me, Rev. Jones enlisted the services of acclaimed songwriter, V. Michael McKay. Best known for blockbuster songs like "Through The Storm," "The Battle’s The Lord’s," "A Prayer Away," and "Take It Away," McKay has also worked extensively with Yolanda Adams. In addition, Speak For Me features the Grammy Award-winning vocal and instrumental arrangements of producer Rev. Oliver W. Wells. Wells also joined McKay and Rev. Jones in writing songs for the project.

Already a proven presence at gospel radio formats, Rev. Jones has crafted a diverse set of musical offerings with Speak For Me. The project contains material appealing to Gospel, Urban and Adult Contemporary radio. The project even features a unique cross-generational appearance by Dr. Jones’ son, AT, II, who delivers a rap message to fellow generation X-ers during a remake of “Jesus is Mine,” a tune the Florida Mass Choir made famous under Rev. Jones’ leadership. Other standout tracks include, “I’ll Speak Your Name,” “Refreshed in His Presence,” “I’ve Got Faith,” and “Have a Little Talk.”

Rev. Jones currently serves as senior pastor of Bible-Based Fellowship Church, Inc. In addition to his extensive musical career, Rev. Jones is the author of two inspirational books, Four Words For Tough Times and When You Don’t Know What To Do.

CLICK HERE for your free RealAudio software downloadThree songs snips from the debut Rev. Arthur T. Jones album, Speak For Me, are available as RealAudio downloads. If you don't have RealAudio, be sure to obtain your free RealAudio player software first, by clicking on the blue RealAudio icon on the right.

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