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GospelFlava.com has been putting you inside the Gospel music industry since 1997. We are an exclusively online ministry, and are 100% independent. We donít have a newsstand magazine. Updates are frequent, often daily. Exclusively online, exclusively all the time!

GospelFlava.com:  Melanie 
Clark, Stan North, James Robinson, Gerard Bonner Our individual and corporate God-given vision is to lift up Jesus Christ by supporting Gospel music, the Gospel music industry, Gospel artists and their ministries.

Gospelflava.com shares current industry information, profiles and interviews established and new artists, and provides an exhaustive list of upcoming new releases. New CD and video Gospel releases are reviewed. And more. GOSPELflava.com presents perspectives on issues relevant to the genre of gospel music, and invites reader comments and questions.

Many ask us about the traffic that GospelFlava.com generates. While these figures are steadily growing, they currently stand at 250,000 visitor sessions per month, or about 800,000 page views per month. (If you prefer to talk in 'hits', these total approximately 12 million per month).

We are scattered geographically, but united in purpose. We are James Robinson, Melanie Clark, Gerard Bonner and Stan North. Our head office is in Charlotte, North Carolina, with branch offices spread across the continent.

"We want people, from the consumer, to the artist, to the industry executive, to be reminded of the Jesus that we are presumably all here for. When you donít see Him, you wonít see Gospelflava.com" —James Robinson (GospelFlava.com).

We can be reached at info@gospelflava.com.

  All content in GospelFlava © copyright 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. No information to be reprinted or re-broadcast from this site without the expressed written consent of GospelFlava.com. All rights reserved.

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