Delois Barrett Campbell
Recap of Funeral and Musical (August, 2011)

Delois Barrett Campbell died August 2, 2011 in Chicago of complications from pneumonia. She was 85 and had been battling arthritis, cardiac problems and other ailments for years.

Barrett Campbell began her career as a lead singer in the Roberta Martin Singers before forming a group with her sisters Billie and Rodessa. The Barrett Sisters recorded a number of albums for the Savoy, Nashboro/Creed and I AM record labels. They were featured in the critically acclaimed

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documentary Say Amen Somebody alongside Thomas Dorsey, Sallie Martin, Willie Mae Ford Smith, The O'Neal Twins and Zella Jackson Price. For over 50 years, Delois and her sisters traveled across the United States and abroad as gospel music ambassadors.

Family, friends and Gospel Music lovers from across the country gathered to celebrate the life of Delois Barrett Campbell on August 9th and 10th, 2011 at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois. Musical Tributes were offered by The Brown Sisters, the First Church of Deliverance Choir, The Wooten Choral Ensemble, The Evangel World Outreach Choir under the direction of Pastor Ray Berryhill, Dexter Walker and Zion Movement, The Gospel Music According to Chicago Mass Choir, Reverend Issac Whittmon, Reverend Stanley Keeble, Ron Barrett and a host of others during the jam-packed musical celebration.

The Celebration of Life brought tributes from outstanding clergy and civic leaders including Reverend Clay Evans, Pastor Maceo Woods, Dr. Charles Hayes, Reverend Jesse Jackson and Apostle Richard Henton. Also on hand was celebrated auhtor Anthony Heilbut, author of The Gospel Sound and George Nierenberg (producer of the Say Amen Somebody documentary). Taped reamrks came from the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin who was unable to attend. Music was rendered by Angela Hunt, the Trinity UCC Mass Choir, former Roberta Martin singer Romance Watson, Kathy Taylor, The Carson Sisters, Delois Washington of the Caravans and Tina Brown and the Barrett Sisters.

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recap by Gregory Gay

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