Erica Campbell's Wedding

Not only have Columbia Records' recording artists Mary Mary (see interview) been busy in 2001 with double preparations for their upcoming sophomore project and Christmas album, they both also recently got married. (see also Deleon Richards' Wedding)

Tina Campbell (nee Atkins) recently married musician Teddy Campbell in Los Angeles, while Erica Campbell (nee Atkins) married producer Warryn Campbell Warryn and Erica Campbell(see interview) on May 26th, 2001 at the Wilshire United Methodist Church in Los Angeles.

Sister Tina as well as Brandy and sister-in-law Joi Campbell were among the bridesmaids in Erica's wedding. Wedding songs were sung by Vanessa Bell Armstrong ("If I Could" originally sung by Regina Belle), by BeBe Winans ("Searching For Love") and by groomsman Harold Lily ( "We" co-written by Warryn Campbell and Harold Lily).

The reception was held in Pasadena, with Erica singing her own composition, "I Love You" to her new husband. The 10-day honeymoon included a cruise from Puerto Rico to the islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas and neighboring islands in Aruba.

Check out some of the photos below from Erica's wedding (photography credit: Latanya Pegues):

Erica with bridesmaids Brandy Norwood and Joi Campbell

Bridesmaids Tina Campbell and Brandy Norwood

Erica Campbell with bridesmaids

Wedding guests Clyde Duffie and Jeff Grant (of Verity Records) with Vanessa Bell Armstrong

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