Eternal Victim, Eternal Victor
Excerpt from Book by Donnie McClurkin

Donnie McClurkin tells his story, and offers the same Hope that he has found, to those willing to take it. The following is an excerpt from his book, Eternal Victim, Eternal Victor.

"How do I begin? This is not an easy task for me by any stretch of the imagination. My idea of what would be my freshman attempt at writing was nothing on this wise. After all of the many testimonies concerning my life and my past Donnie McClurkin Bookfamily ordeals and experiences, I thought that I had finally laid this to rest. I have been asked for many years to put my testimony to text, yet I've not done so because of the delicacy of the situations. Furthermore, I didn't want to sensationalize and glorify the pain of those experiences, nor cause pain to those involved in these recollections.

It was only after starting to write a book of another title that the Holy Spirit changed my direction and led me back to the beginning of matters. I knew I not only needed to finally bring closure to the events of my past, but also to lend a face to those types of covert, tumultuous happenings, and show that through the guilt, the pains, the fears, and the loss, there is forgiveness; there is healing; there is restoration of confidence and joy; there is great gain, and there is a victorious you!

Remembering and recounting these ordeals resurrects some feelings of hurt and pain that had long been forgotten. It caused me to reveal scars from wounds that had already healed, and explain how it happened, how it was endured, and how I —and my family —came out delivered, healed, and victorious.

My purpose is to give help and hope to the victim, and encourage and show them how to live as victors...."


"...we had never experienced that kind of trauma before. [That] was the first funeral I had ever attended; I'll never forget it for as long as I live. My mother was devastated. She and my father were estranged at the time, and we all had to stay at my grandmother's home for a few days so that she could care for my mother. After seeing that tragic event in front of our home, my mother had to get away.

My father went to view the body, and met us at my grandmother's house. I realize now that it must have been very tough on him because he and my mother were separated when the accident happened. After a few nights at my Nanna's house, all of us children were sent home to be watched and cared for by [a family member]. What they had no way of knowing was that he was a pedophile....That's where my nightmare began."

Excerpts courtesy of Pneuma Life Publising.
Used by permission.

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