Gospel Artists at the 33rd Annual GMWA
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The 33rd Annual National Convention of the GMWA was held in New Orleans in August 2000. The week-long event brought in Gospel artists and industry heads from wide and far.

Stick with the GospelFlava.com camera and flashback with us over the week's visuals as we present our photo shoot of the various goings ons. Don't just stop at this page, there's multiple other pages to peek at. Pages (2, 3, 4, 5).

Note, some photos are 'clickable', which will bring you to past interviews and reviews of the artist(s) in the photo.

Deleon Richards at the Tommy Boy Gospel Showcase

Willie Mae McIver of ABC Radio Network interviewing Dottie Peoples outside a 
nightly musical

The Kenoly Brothers giving the greet

Kim Burrell at the Tommy Boy Gospel Showcase

Madison Mission Mass Choir Management:  Wayne Bucknor, Leroy Peters, William Hampton

Tommy Boy Gospel exec. Max Siegal hanging with Bishop Carlton Pearson

Tony Moore of Jehovahs Chosen

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feature by James Robinson, Melanie Clark, Stan North

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freestyle piano, spending some free time between events at the GMWA
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