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RECAP: Verizon's How Sweet The Sound Tour (Charlotte)

Verizon's How Sweet the Sound glazed the city of Charlotte with unity and joy on September 30, 2010. The choir competition was full of rousing performances that brought the audience to their feet, beginning with the opening Walter Hawkins medley joining all the choirs in praise. This set the stage for the celebratory evening to come. And oh what a celebration it was!

Recap: Charlotte Tour Stop
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Hosts Donald Lawrence and Cece Winans were warm and welcoming, and were joined by the playful comraderie of judges, gospel veterans Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond and John P. Kee. During their introductions Sapp expressed that the other two were the reason he was even in the industry. Hammond and Kee expressed a mutual respect so heavy; it was a virtual lovefest on the panel! The loving commentary by the seasoned artists, were both helpful and hilarious and was its own show of sorts. Kee and Hammond later treated us to a harmonious performance of Hammond's latest hit "They That Wait" further exuding their mutual respect and admiration.

We were also treated to solo medleys from both Cece Winans and Marvin Sapp. Sapp's performance was particularly triumphant and well received in light of his recent life events. Support was rousing from the audience as he shared the ubiquitous "Never Would Have Made It" and latest hit "The Best In Me."

Choir performances were energetic and inspiring and yielded winners, Salvation and Deliverance Church Choir from Tarboro in the small choir category and Kingdom Voices from The Park Ministries in Charlotte in the large choir category. The overall winner was Salvation and Deliverance who advances to represent Charlotte in the Finale in Washington, DC on November 13, 2010.

However, the community came away the ultimate winner as the Queen City came together that night at the Time Warner Cable Arena and had a great time —all centered around gospel music. Verizon called for choirs to sing gospel, but didn't limit WHO could sing the Gospel. Leaving it open for every color, age and denomination to participate, resulting in a greater sense of community in the Community.

— feature by GOSPELflava.com Staff (with special reporter: Melanie Clark)

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