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RECAP: Verizon's How Sweet The Sound Tour (Washington, D.C.)

GOSPELflava.com had a chance to check out the September 18th tour stop at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC.

For the Washington, D.C. stop on the How Sweet The Sound tour, the celebrity judges were Marvin Sapp, Richard Smallwood, and Maurette Brown Clark (watch our video interviews with the judges, see bottom of this page).

The tour opened with a breathtaking medley that served as a tribute to the late Bishop Walter Hawkins. The medley, which featured all participating choirs, included "Thank You", "Marvelous", and ended with "When the Battle is Over" which had Marvin Sapp, CeCe Winans, and Donald Lawrence on lead vocals.

Recap: Washington D.C. Tour Stop
Catch the images from the Verizon's How Sweet The Sound tour stop in Washington D.C.

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Sprinkled throughout the evening were performances from judges Maurette Brown Clark and Richard Smallwood & Vision. The evening's co-host CeCe Winans shared favorites "Pray" and "Hallelujah" before debuting her new single "More of You".

The tour takes full advantage of technology, as audience members were able to choose the song for Marvin Sapp to perform via text message. This decision-making process was also enabled to allow the the audience to be able to decide the winners in the Small Choir, Large Choir, People's Choice, and Regional Winner categories.

All participating choirs won $3,000 for their participation. Congratulations to Brydges, whose presentation of "Joshua Fit the Battle" won the Small Choir competition and $5,000.

Special congratulations goes to the evening's big winner, the Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church Men of Valor. This male chorus' performance of "Available to You" won the People's Choice Award and Best Large Choir award. The choir was also named the Regional Winner for the Washington, DC tour stop, taking home a total of $15,000. As a result, The Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church Men of Valor will represent the Washington, DC region in the finale of the How Sweet the Sound Tour on November 13, 2010 in Washington, DC.

The evening came to an end with all participants returning for a rousing performance of Donald Lawrence's hit "Back II Eden".

Be sure to relive the Washington, D.C. stop through our pictorial recap, and check out our interviews with CeCe Winans, Donald Lawrence, Maurette Brown Clark and Richard Smallwood.

— feature by GOSPELflava.com Staff (with special reporter: Gerard Bonner)

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