Insider with Dorinda Clark-Cole

As a member of Detroitís renowned Clark Sisters, and as daughter of the famed Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, the vocals of Dorinda Clark-Cole have been on the scene for a while.
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Dorinda Album Review
Distinctively flavaíd with jazzy edges and a high rasp burnish, Clark-Cole is as easy with hip hop jams as she is with traditional church stomps. Her vocal flair in front of a mass choir is unparalleled.

Her first solo album, titled simply Dorinda, is on Gospo Centric Records and showcases all that she has to offer, which is plenty!

Check out some privileged information about Dorinda Clark-Cole in this Insider Interview.

What's in your CD player right now? : Robin Hodge Williams. Phenomenal young lady from Houston!
What is your most annoying habit? : Fussing at the choir when the choir donít act right!
What is the one thing you can't do to save your life? : Sing like Karen! You know, do Karenís run or Twinkie's squall.
What is the best gift you ever received? : Mink coat from my husband.
What was your first car? : 1979 Ford Mustang.
What is the first album you ever bought? : A Shirley Caesar album
When/How did you receive your salvation? : Dorinda Well growing up in the church, it seemed we got saved every time they held service!
What are you fanatical about? : Teaching vocal technique.
What is your best quality? : I think Iím just generally a nice person.
What's your favorite saying or phrase that you use? : "You so crazy!"

If music werenít your career, what would you be doing? : Dancing on Broadway!
What is your favorite food or dish? : Fried chicken.
What is the best dish you can prepare? : A roast.
What do you collect? : Earrings! And everyone knows at least one of them comes off at concerts when I sing!
What your dream duet or collaboration? : Letís see...Iíd like to sing with Bette Midler, Cher and Celine Dion.
What is your favorite movie? : Fatal Attraction
What is your most memorable concert experience? : Actually Hart Plaza last weekend was great. It was just a great audience!
What product would you endorse if asked? : Mary Kay Cosmetics.

ó insider interview by Melanie Clark ó
(June 2002)

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