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Insider with Forever Jones

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Families are special in Gospel music, and this one is no exception. The Jones Family, known as forever JONES, delivers their debut project on EMI Gospel. Dewitt & Kim Jones together with D'Jeniele', Dewitt IV, Judah, Dominique and Mya Joy Grace make for a formidible force as they offer up their considerable talent.

GOSPELflava.com took some time to speak with Kim Jones, and asked her some questions about her family and what makes them tick. Check out the following Insider Interview.

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Who have you been playing the most on your iPod and in the car? Mary Mary's latest project, The Sound! Our youngest daughter can't get enough of it. Every time we are together she has to hear it.
Is there one city that you guys would love to hit once you begin touring? New York City! We were there recently but we were working the whole time and didn't get a chance to enjoy the city, so we are definitely excited about being there again.
Walmart or Target? Wally World, as we like to call it!
As a family, what is your favorite thing to do? We love to travel and hang out together, but we really love football! Two of our sons play football for their school. One is a wide receiver, the other is a running back, and one of our daughters is a twirler.
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook! All Day!
Who would you guys love to tour with? It would have to be Mary Mary and Andrae Crouch. Our kids are fans of Mary Mary, and so we are we, and Andrae Crouch is just a legend.
Who is the loudest family member? Dewitt IV! At home he is just very talkative but in public he's very quiet and reserved.
Favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni!
Favorite family movies? We love movies by Martin Short. He is so funny!

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— insider interview by Martin Williams
(June, 2010)

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