Insider with Karen Clark Sheard

Karen Clark Sheard, as the youngest of the famed Clark Sisters, is a now a full-fledged solo artist, with four albums under her belt, as of 2006. Known as much for her urban flair as for her traditional squalling, Clark Sheard has legions of fans, both among her peers and the general public.

Read on as Karen Clark Sheard lifts the veil on some of the obscure aspects of her existence that you never knew before. It's the Insider Interview!

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What question are you asked the most? As of late it's "Where's Kiki?" or questions about me and my daughter.
What is your favorite scripture? Proverbs 3:6: In all thy ways acknowledge him and HE shall direct your path
How did your famous echo come about? Karen Clark Sheard Well you know I like to dare to be different in my singing and take risks, so, one night I decided to do my own reverb and see how it would turn out. I thought it came out pretty well so I perfected it and here it is!
What's your favorite song on Dorinda;s latest CD, The Rose of Gospel? Well "Still Here" will always be my jam! But on her latest CD I would have to say "Everything He Promised" (Wooooooo Lord!!)
Would you ever consider acting? Yes, I have done plays, but I would love to do movies, even a Tyler Perry type of movie or play.
Who is your favorite singer? Now I know you already knew the answer to that one!! Aretha Franklin!! The QUEEN of Soul. I really enjoy her tone, and her phrasing and her soufulness. I learned so much from her simply by listening!
What is your favorite thing to do when you get some time off? Oh you already know it's shopping! Also I love to read as well.
Any good books to recommend? Yes, please go pick up God Chaser by Tommy Tenney, Awesome book!

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