Insider with Kierra "Kiki" Sheard

Kierra SheardKierra "Kiki" Sheard has emerged as not only the latest in an outstanding family of Gospel singers, but a full-fledged urban artist in her own right. Her sophomore album, This Is Me, is a jam-heavy, street-savvy masterwork that is sure to endear her even more to her public.

Take a look as Kierra "Kiki" Sheard lets you know all sorts of inside stuff about how she is, and what she does. It's the Insider Interview!

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What is your favorite food? Soup.
Who is in your CD player? See, I got a disc changer in my car so I have a few: The new Tye Tribbett, TI, Mary J, and Mary Mary never leaves my car! I also like Nat King Cole, he was a great singer and I usually listen to him on my way to sleep.
Who would you like to collaborate with, musically? Jay Z, Mary J, Mary Mary, Avril Lavigne and Joe.
Where did you have your first date? Church!! Seriously, all, well most of my boyfriends have been in the church. My first date was at Rams Horns! For those of you who donít know, Rams Horns is like a Dennyís. Itís open 24 hours in Detroit.
What is the best advice given to you and from whom? My parents told me to never tell all my business, you may be able to trust your friend, but you donít know who it is they trust.
What is your favorite past time? I love to SHOP!!!!
What is your favorite store? Hot Topics, every time I go home, thatís where I am.
If you could form an all-female group who would be in it? Oh wow!! This is a good one. Me, Brandy, Beyonce & Erica Campbell of Mary Mary.
Whatís your favorite movie? I have a lot! X-Men, Roads of Addiction, Fatal Attraction, Donít Say A Word.
Who is your favorite singer? Mary J Blige.
In your opinion, which singer is hot, but not too known? Bilal, he is the truth.
If you could ask any questions to Tye Tribbett, what would they be? I have three!

  1. How long has the group been together (before the record deal)?
  2. How does Sound Check come up with all those musical changes! Oh they are so crazy, like what do they be thinkín!??
  3. Can you work with me on my next project because you left me hangín on this one!

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