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Insider with Patti Labelle

Patti LaBelle That Patti Labelle is a legend is not in dispute. The renowned singer has been thrilling audiences for decades, from her first days with The Bluebells, through to her most recent project, The Gospel According to Patti. Patti's instantly recognizable pipes draw people from all musical genres, as evidenced by the guest list on her new project.

GOSPELflava.com spent some time getting to know the Patti Labelle a little bit more. Smile with us as she shares some of the lesser known aspects of her life. It's the Insider Interview!

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What is the greatest piece of advice you've received, and who gave it to you Nina Simone showed me how to be a better woman. She taught me to demand the best, and to always know that I am worth the best. Never settle for less.
What is the best word or phrase to describe you? Unpredictable.
What is the smartest thing you ever did? Ignore my neighbors.
What cause do you believe in the most? Itís not a cause, but I believe in treating people the way you want to be treated- Thatís just the way to live.
What one person who you would love to have a conversation with and what would you ask? Mother Theresa and Princess Diana — I would ask them how it felt to help so many people, and positively touch so many lives.
Which artist is in your CD player right now? Nobody.
What one thing would it would be hard for you live without? TV.
Who are your favorite singers? Too many to name!!
What is your most embarrassing moment? I was 8 months pregnant and went on stage wearing a pair of huge bloomer pants. By about the 3rd song, Sarah and Nona told me to run backstage and change Ė they realized I had put both of my legs in one of those huge pant legs. The pants were so big I didnít realize that I had both legs in one pant leg! It was more funny than anything. I just wish the audience had told me when they first saw it.
What's your favorite song on your new project? "Walk Around Heaven"
What is your favorite food? Anything Italian.
With everyone having a favorite thing, what is it that you collect Shoes!!

What is your favorite food? Anything Italian.
Who is your favorite cartoon character? Casper the Friendly Ghost.
Who is it that youíd love to work with in the music industry but havenít had the chance to? There are a ton of people Iíd like to work with!!
Who is the one person you have yet to meet and really want to? Everyone Iíve wanted to meet, Iíve already met —Oprah, Nelson Mandela
What is the one question you get asked the most? What do I do to stay looking young?
What one item in your purse could you not leave home without? Hot sauce.
Whatís your favorite restaurant? My kitchen.
Your secret talent? Housework.
If you were invisible for a day, you would...? Peek in at the President

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