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Insider with Tonéx

As Nureau's king pin, Tonéx has staked a secure spot on the forefront of new Gospel.
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Even since his esteemed Pronounced Toe-Nay shook the industry in 1997, his T-boy production skills and album inputs have been in high demand. He's collaborated with everyone from Kelli Williams to Shanice to Virtue to Ted & Sheri and others.

With his O2 project from April 2002 on Nureau Ink / Verity / Jive, Tonéx displays a new twist of genius songwriting and creative production, with buoyant tunes and unforgettable hooks.

Get a glimpse of Tonéx's world by checking out our "Insider Interview" with one of Gospel's most intriguing personalities, presented below. We also get more in depth with him about his Nureau Foundations Part One and Part Two.

Wbere You Buy Your Clothes: Mr. Rags in San Diego
The One Thing You Can't Do To Save Your Life: Wow, that would have to be ledger work, balancing the accounts, keeping the books. But Iím learning!
First Album You Ever Bought: Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation.
Currently Spinning In Your CD Player: The pre-production album for Ms. Tonéx, a Nureau Delegate.
When and How You Received Salvation: At Vacation Bible School, July 9th, 1982, at one of the services they had there.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Tonex I did a show here in San Diego, I was walking over to talk to the crowd, there were some steps I didnít see, and I completely fell down the steps in front of everybody.
Most Annoying Habit: I don't bother to turn off the lights when I leave a room.
If I Werenít Doing Music Then Iíd Be: A prosecuting attorney.
Pet Peeve: Tonex When girls wear those clunky clog shoes in the airport. They make those loud clanky-clanky, clanky-clank sounds on the floor, because there's no carpet there. I just can't stand that!
Favorite Food: Pizza.
Best Dish You Can Prepare: Scrambled eggs, a cheesy thing, like breakfast food. It's a signature thing I do.
Phrase You Use Most Often: Iím going to have to ask you noooooot to do that. [pause] Yeah, thatíll be greaaaaaaat.
What You Are Most Fanatical About: Totally a fanatic about the artistry of Shanice Wilson.
What You Collect: Vintage "End Times' movies. Like A Thief in the Night, A Distant Thunder, Mark of the Beast, the old ones put out by Mark IV Pictures.
Your First Car: A red 1993 Nisaan Sentra.
Dream Duet: Tonex CD I would love the chance to produce either Michael Jackson or Prince.

ó insider interview by Stan North ó
(April 2002)

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