Insider with Tye Tribbett

As leader of the Camden NJ-based urban choir, Greater Anointed, Tye Tribbett is the up-front man, directing and making a firm presence on stage. He's not one to sit
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Tye Tribbett & G.A. released their first national project, Life, on Sony Gospel in June, 2004.

Not only does Tribbett direct and write music, he is also a whiz behind the keyboards, and has worked with a Who's Who list in the music industry at large.

We decided to ask Tye Tribbett several interesting questions, with the hopes of finding out a little bit more about him. Check out the following Insider Interview.

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What is your dream collaboration? Greater Anointing, Dre 3000 from Outkast, Black Eyed Peas and Kirk Franklin.
What CDs are in your car right now? Pastor Nancy Wilson, Israel and New Breed —the newest one. You'll never believe it, but Lee Williams & the Spiritual QCs. I love 'em. That joint got me through!! And a couple of M.U.D. CDs. We working on some stuff.
What is your favorite key to play in? A flat...that's everybody's key. That or C sharp!
What is your favorite sports team? I'm embarassed man....Aw...the Sixers, man. I love the Sixers. I'm trying to help it but I can't!!
What is your favorite TV show? I don't even watch TV. HGTV, I guess.
Favorite high energy drink...Red Bull or Gatorade? Red Bull.
What is the first CD you ever bought? The Yellowjackets' Like A River.
What is your most embarrassing moment? Tye Tribbett We were in Vegas and I jumped off the stage and I hit this big cord with my foot. I wanted to run through the audience but I wound up limping through the audience. I kind of limped back on stage and I was limping the whole rest of the song, trying not to let the audience know that I was hurt. That was very embarassing. Very embarassing.
What is your all time favorite CD? You can't ask a musician that?! Ok...anything with Jacko on it. I love Jacko, I'm sorry!!

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insider interview by Gerard Bonner
(June, 2004)

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