Insider with Vickie Winans

Vickie Winans has graced the scene for some time, but she never runs out of things to do, songs to sing, and new ventures to try. Singers, songwriter, businesswoman and whole lot more, GOSPELflava.com spent some time with her to find out some of the finer details that make her tick. Check it out in this Insider Interview.

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Who is your favorite woman in the Bible? Esther, she and I share a lot of the same qualities: virtue and fortitude.
With everyone having a favorite thing, what is it that you collect? Besides dust, picture frames. I have lots of picture frames filled with pictures of my family.
Who is your favorite cartoon character? Vickie Winans I love Bugs Bunny [laughing]. The thang is full of the devil!
Who is it that youíd love to work with in the music industry but havenít had the chance to? Celine Dion, I want to do a gospel duet with her. I saw her show in Vegas, phenomenal!
Who is the one person you have yet to meet and really want to? Steven Spielberg, I have to meet him! I want to work in one of his movies.
What is the one question you get asked the most? "How did you lose your weight?" and "Can I take a picture with you?"
What would you say is Vickie Winans' most famous catch phrase? "Okay!"
What is your most embarrassing moment? I was singing "I Hear Music in the Air" at a concert in Chicago and my tooth fell out. I just picked it up and put it in my pocket.
What is your biggest pet peeve with people? You know, I canít stand fake people. You donít really know who you are dealing with.
What is the thing you think most people think about you? That I am funny and laugh a lot and just really down to earth.
If we were to go to your car, what would we find in your CD player? My stuff of course. But I got a changer with Angie Winans, Dorinda Clark-Cole and Kurt Carrís new one.
What cd do you want and canít find? My CD, The Lady [from 1991]. I can't find that thing anywhere! I got one on my wall. I might have to crack it open and play that!

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ó insider interview by John Burton Jr. ó

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