J Moss

Video Interview: J Moss

GOSPELflava.com's Gerard Bonner spent some time with the artist that some simply refer to as "the voice".

J Moss has been in the industry since back when he was a lad, but it's 2009 now, and this marks the delivery of his third solo project — V3... Just James, from Verity Records.

The mulitple Stellar award nominated artist and producer has been the mastermind behind a wide variety of artists from 21:03 and Byron Cage to the Backstreet Boys and Kelly Price. 2009 has brought its share of challenges for the Detroit-based Moss, while birthing a new album.

In an exclusive video interview, GOSPELflava.com discusses the new album (read album review), the background to it, and the concepts behind it:

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interview by Gerard Bonner

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