Glad About It!

Interview With Joe Pace
In His Own Words...

He directs The Colorado Mass Choir, but he also wears the producer’s hat as well as those of the songwriter’s and the arranger’s.

Joe Pace put in his own words some thoughts on the new Colorado Mass Choir project from Integrity Gospel, titled Glad About It!

Joe Pace“This is our first all-studio project. It was a lot of work, but it also enabled us to do some extra things on the production side. It was not, however, without it's challenges.”

“We were finishing up some of the music tracks in Houston this past summer, right in the middle of all the flooding that took place there. We had to 'wade in the water' just to try to get back to the studio from the hotel to pick up our tapes. There was also flooding at the studio, and we were concerned that we would lose everything!! But thanks be to God, He worked it out. (We're Glad About It!)”

Marcus Dawson served as musical director as well as keyboardist for the project. Marcus is an incredibly gifted and anointed musician. He's skilled, knowledgeable, and a consummate professional. He's also spiritually sensitive and he knows how to interpret the vision of the music. His technical excellence commands immediate respect from those that play with him. I couldn't have gotten through this project without him.”

Album Review
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“Stylistically, this album is more vocally and musically diverse than albums we've done in the past. We were able to do some things that were not typical of the "mass choir" sound, such as “While You Wait" [which has a very acoustic, laidback feel to it].

“The Worship Medley” came to me out of my personal time of worship with the Lord. The songs we included in there [“Total Praise”, “Praise Jehovah”, “For Every Mountain”, “Psalm 117” and "Blessed Be The Name of the Lord”] have blessed me and many others over the years, as they all facilitate an atmosphere and attitude of intimate worship. I just wanted to put an arrangement of worship songs together that would further enable the listener to enter into the presence of God, while also, in my own way, pay tribute to the anointed composers of these songs.”

“So overall, on this album we were able to minister across the musical spectrum while still accentuating what is the "unique" Colorado Mass sound.”

— interview by Stan North
(December 2001)

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