Hurricane Katrina Appeal

Yes, one more relief campaign!!! We are overwhelmed at the challenges ahead and by the outpouring of those willing to help. GOSPELflava.com and the ND co. have teamed up with Word Records to do our part. It is our goal to use our collective resources to keep before you FACES of those you are helping.

F— Family The Olidge Family
A— Artist The George Huff Family
C— Communication GMWA/GAG Families
E— Education TBD
S— Salvation St. Thomas Baptist Church

In the masses of efforts, it was important to us to be targeted in our giving and as such, have identified specific places where all monies collected through this effort will go. New OrleansFACES represents some of the entities that make up the Gospel/faith community that hit close to home.

We realize there are many others and that of our benefactors some are high profile, others you've never heard of. When tragedy strikes we are bound together by the common denominator of being human, and the Lord requires us to love one another irrespective of the other details.

Family — The Olidge Family
Like so many countless others, the Olidge Family has lost their home in New Orleans.

Artist — George Huff
Word recording artist George Huff has shared his story with us and will allow us to walk through the next few weeks of his life through his diary. George's family has relocated to Dallas. Some have found work and they are safe, however George, Sr. is still in New Orleans and on dialysis. George, Jr. is sharing the agony of the wait with us, along with his effort to press on and move forward.

Communication — Radio
Radio is at the core of what goes on in the gospel music community on a daily basis. As reported by several other entities, many stations and their employees have been destroyed and have lost everything. We have chosen to donate a portion of our proceeds to the GMWA/GAG effort and allow them to disseminate monies to their constituents.

Education — ??
We are in search of an educational entity to give to. Please send your suggestions to relief@gospelflava.com.

Salvation — St. Thomas Baptist Church, New Orleans.
The St. Thomas Baptist Church in New Orleans is one we know nothing about. This is why we picked it. We thought it important to aid a church that might not be on the radar screen for others. A church that is great in as much as it is committed to spreading the Gospel.

To enable you to contribute, we have partnered with Elect Communications Foundation (ECF), a non-profit organization established as an outreach program to provide resources for underserved communities, at-risk youth and their families. Larry Plummer and Kevin Nash founded the organization in April of 2004 and received 501(c)3 status in March 2005.

To contribute, simply use the easy online PAYPAL process by clicking the button below:
Alternatively, you can send a check payable to "GOSPEL FLAVA" to the following address, with a note in the memo line indicating "For Katrina Appeal":

1001 East W.T. Harris Boulevard
Ste. #P169
Charlotte, NC

We are in support of every effort and encourage you to give somewhere. Listed below are some of the efforts of others in the Gospel community that you might choose to support also.

  1. GMA's Project Restore
  2. World Vision

the ND co.

Word Records


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