Minister Kervy Brown
Live Recording Recap

It was a long time coming, but Minister Kervy Brown recorded his first solo project on Good Friday, March 29th at the Love Fellowship Tabernacle Church in Brooklyn, NY.

Signed to Evidence Gospel (a division of Gospelflava.com), Brown’s set was highly anticipated by many, with proof of that coming in part from the warm reception Kervy Brown from the overflow crowd packed into the church for the evening. (See link to the flyer that advertised the live recording concert).

Spotted in the crowd were notables including Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Craig Hayes of The United Voices, Dickson Guillaume of the Haitian Mass Choir, Otis and Bridgette Battles and several Love Fellowship Crusade Choir members.

Numerous pastors from the area and beyond were also in attendance to support, including Bishop Alvin Chrone, Prophet Brian Mosley, Elder John and Evangelist Rubenstein McClure, Bishop Preston Toogood and Bishop Hicks.

After an intense praise and worship time, the congregation was primed for the recording. Youthful Praise was positioned at the rear of the stage, dressed in solid black. The band crew (several of them from the Youthful Praise camp), was ready and willing, under the direction of Eric Davis. On the other side were Brown’s five background singers: Robert Mowe, Takeytha Johnson, Ayana George, Stazee Burnett and Craig Wiggins.

After some brief preliminaries, including technical instruction to the congregation from producer John “Jubu” Smith, hosting Pastor Hezekiah Walker took the Kervy Brown stage to introduce his long-time Love Fellowship Crusade Choir member, and also his friend and cousin, Minister Kervy Brown.

Resplendent in a 3/4 length navy blue jacket with a red window pane stripe and off-white pants, Brown kicked things off with the groovy “How Excellent Is Your Name”, written by Aaron Lindsey.

Brown frequently referred to his family, who filled the front rows, and made special mention of the honour having his father make the trip to witness the recording in person.

Co-directors of Youthful Praise, Shawn Brown and JJ Hairston, both contributed songs to the recording. Hairston penned the traditional “Lily of the Valley”, which Kervy took to vocal heights, much to the delight of all in earshot. Many were shouting in their seats, and Pastor Donnie McClurkin, who until then had been taking in the evening from a front row seat, rose to contribute a few vocal licks towards the close of the song.

Bishop Eric McDaniel’s song “More Than A Conqueror” had hundreds singing along with Youthful Praise in the infectious call and response, as Kervy weaved a vocal pattern to and fro.

Band After a break to rest the vocal cords, Kervy came back in a black leather jacket with matching pants, black shirt and tie, plus black shoes.

It was time for praise and worship, courtesy of “He Will Be There”, from the pen of Shawn Brown. With spoken testimony from Kervy, the piece was a highlight, and included a stunning duet with Ayana George, with Stazee Burnett also stepping in. By the time the 20-minute plus song wound down, Evangelist Doreen Figueroa and her daughter Anaysha Figueroa had also taken the mic.

Ending the gloriously historic evening was a song from JJ Hairston titled simply “My Help”. Masterfully structured, Kervy pulled out all the vocal stops to render a masterpiece. Hezekiah Walker added vocal touches to help finish the evening in song, making the entire experience unforgettable.

With several more songs to be recorded in studio, all ears are anticipating the debut release from Minister Kervy Brown, coming soon on Evidence Gospel.

Check out the select photos from the live recording below:

Pastor Hezekiah Walker Introducing Kervy Brown

The Congregation

Band, under the direction of Eric Davis

Kervy Brown

Kervy Brown

Youthful Praise at the Kervy Brown Recording

— feature by GospelFlava.com Staff

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