Lexi Update

Alexis Allen aka Lexi is hard at work in preparation for her next album, slated for a May 2002 release on Real Deal Records. She dropped her latest news on us, along with some photos:

LexiI was reading Gospelflava.com and wanted to make sure you’re ready for the new Mary Mary release coming out soon. I heard a few cuts from the CD and it's going to be hot. My bass player and two of my keyboard players have a song on the project, that's how I got the advance listen!

I also have a new CD coming out this year, it’s titled Somewhere Different. I hope you love it, I've been working very hard on it.

This new project is much better than the last one. The same players have worked with me on it, with my husband Mike Allen producing and my co-writer Gary Crawford helping to pen some great ideas. I am quite proud of it, and I believe that others will feel it like we do.

I've been out of the scene for minute, but two people that don't change are my husband Mike (who is one of my keyboardists and my musical director) and Daryl Dixon, my guitarist. Daryl plays for Fred Hammond and Commissioned as well, and he helped me write one of the biggest tunes on this new CD.

The theme of Somewhere Different is transparency. Every song is giving you real-to-life lyrics. Transparency is the way to helping someone, I'm not afraid to go there.

My life has been quite busy, I had a baby in July last year (2001). His name is Michael-Alexander Osaze Allen. It means Michael (he who is like God) Alexander (a derivative of my name Alexis -Defender of all mankind) Osaze (he who is greatly loved by God).

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at my photo shoot for the CD, we did a little ‘matrix’ look that's hot. Also, I threw in a couple of pictures of the baby with my husband Mike.

Lexi preparing for photo shoot

Lexi preparing for photo shoot


Michael-Alexander Osaze Allen

Michael Allen with Michael-Alexander

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