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It’s time to get used to this new phrase —"Nureau Ink Delegates".

Stemming from that bastion of Nureau, San Diego, and seeded in the studio machinations of Tonéx and T.Boy, this association of artists is poised to make much more than street-flava'd music.

In an extensive interview, Tonéx outlined the concepts and the theories behind this artist aggregation, explaining that contrary to popular belief, it is not yet another record label (see full interview).

SouljahzHere’s a quick overview of the Nureau Ink Delegates, as they currently stand in May of 2002:

Signed to Warner Brothers / Squint Entertainment after several years of indie labor, Souljahz is a sibling trio comprised of Je’Kob, Josh'ua and Rachael Washington. All clichés aside, the sonic concoction that they deliver is something that has to be heard to be understood. They fuse facets of hip hop, folk, alternative and pop together with an incredibly infectious soul appeal (see album review).

The trio brings out the Gospel message in the context of social issues, framing the Good News in a context that defies stereotype. Songs such as “Poor Man” and “Let It Go” have already caught the attention of tastemakers, and their live performances are on par with the most impressive in the industry.

Souljahz is another group with San Diego roots, but have spent a deal of time touring in Germany. Tonéx along with Chris Rodiguez are taking a hand in producing the album, slated for an August release under the title The Fault Is History. Claude Harris 2Tonéx raves that they are “unbelievable, you gotta hear them, they’re like the Gospel Fugees”

Claude Harris 2
Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, and almost born with a microphone in his mouth, Claude Harris 2 and his production alias C.Note have connected with Tonéx and T.Boy. His first entry, It Ain’t Over, has been issued independently and shows musical poise and a gift for slow burners, with a profound lyrical ministry that is rarely seen from artists in their early twenties. Like most of the Nureau delegates, their material is readily heard on MP3.com.

Check the It Ain't Over album inter-review

The San Diego rapper who bills himself as the 'Voice of Nureauamerica' was heard on the “Firewater” single from the MSS Dynasty: The Hostile Takeover project from 2000. He followed that up with an eclectic solo effort on Syntax Records in early 2002 Gibraantitled Mockingbyrd Slang. It was produced by T.Boy and prominently featured Tonéx on vocals. Gibraan is an acronym for: General Infinite Beyond Rhymes And Any Nonsense.

Check the Mockingbyrd Slang album review and artist interview.

E.B. Williams
The mother of Tonéx and T.Boy, E.B. Williams shows herself to be a reservoir of soulful expression, putting out a series of songs on her independent debut that runs the gamut from Staples Singers style to folk-soul to classic 70’s funk. T.Boy produces and has fun with the soft-rasp pipes that Williams brings to the table.

William's solo debut on MSS Records came out in 1999, and was titled Simply Because (see album review).

Ms. Tonéx
Yvette Williams aka Ms. Tonéx is a vocal wonder unto herself. Formerly lead vocalist with the Thompson Community Singers, she married Tonéx in 2000 and has appeared on several projects, notably singing “Baby Face” Ms. Tonex with Tonexon MSS Dynasty: The Hostile Takeover. She never fails to garner rave reviews and slack-jawed responses with her chameleonesque vocal ability. Her solo album is much anticipated.

Also a Nureau Ink Delegate is hip hop groover Brotha Los who appeared on the MSS Dynasty: The Hostile Takeover album and who are imminent with their own album. Then there’s T.Boy who has solo project in the works as well.

No doubt, there's alot more to be unfolded on all of these artists as their albums drop and their work becomes familiar. Stay tuned!

interview by Stan North

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