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In 1982, Prime Minister exploded on the rap scene opening for such artists as Ice Cube, The Ghetto Boyz, De La Soul, Heavy D., and a host of others. After his dramatic conversion, he was dubbed as one of God's "prime ministers" to spread the timeless message of hope to a confused generation through the language of rap.

Prime Minister"When I started rapping in 1982, I was inspired by groups such as Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hyde, Eric B & Rakim, Run DMC, along with many others who were popular back then. I started rapping because it was something to do and everybody was doing it. I just did it for fun."

"As time went on rap music started changing. I also started changing the way I rap. It went from rap to gangsta rap, so I started gangsta rapping. When I started gangsta gapping, I signed with an independent company, Success Records. Through them, I managed to land opening spots with such artists as Bobby Brown, Heavy D, Compton's Most Wanted, and many others who were popular in that era."

"As I reflected upon my old gangsta rap career I realized that everything about it was negative. All we did was glorify guns, sex, and drugs. Today rap has taken it to the extremes with guns, sex, and drugs. That's why there is such an important need for positive voices in the rap music industry."

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On his third project, Inside Out, Prime switches it up a bit compared to his previous two Grapetree Records offerings. He gave us the 'inside scoop'...

"The style is the same —deep throated lyrics laid to banging tracks. The delivery is the same, I put all my music into a format this generation can understand. I'm still speaking their language! The vision is also the same, I'm trying to reach the young rap listeners and put a little positivity in there life."

"The only difference compared to my past albums is the quality and production. In order to compete with the best. You have to bring it like the best. If we are going to provide an alternative, it has to sound just as good as what we are trying to replace. And since we are representing God, we have to show the world that He is an awesome God and Creator of all things."

Speaking about his favorite song on the project, he makes reference to "Got Me Going".

"This is my personal testimony song, laid back to a nice melodic track, accompanied by the smooth and talented vocals of Erick Matthews. I think its content is off da chain. The song is so real and mostly everyone can relate to it.

The album is well-rounded, appealing to the bounce as well as to the hard-hitting flows. "Prayer Closet" in particular, is one of most distinctive of the cuts, as the rapper throws down the mic with vocals rather than rap.

Prime Minister with MC Hammer"God the Father is diverse. So, I tried to give something to everyone. "Prayer Closet" is unique because it shows how I spend my personal intimate time with God. I may not have a voice to sing but I sang on that track to let people know how I worship God in my own way. I am making a bold statement, to be bold regardless of what anyone thinks. Our light should shine like that. No matter how big people think Prime is ...... I'm still a servant when it comes to my Father."

Keeping busy seems to be hobby for Prime. Those immersed in the rap industry will know that in addition to his 'parliamentary duties' with the Prime Minister alias, he also is known as Sir Fish.

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"Yes, Sir Fish is part of a husband and wife team called True II Society, which consist of Alecia "Pooh" Ford —my wife, and myself. We were actually signed to Grapetree first. Prime Minister was a result of another artist leaving the label. There was an open release spot, so we decided to do a solo project. The styles are quite different. That just shows the versatility that God has given me to do this thang.

"[With Prime Minister], we are presently trying to land a tour spot with Davdon Agency's new urban team. Their new team consist of artist such as Trin-i-tee 5:7, Gospel Gangstaz, and KJ-52. We feel we can make an awesome impact on the urban market, and we feel this would be the perfect avenue to do so."

"We are also scheduling some personal appearances at many different festivals and conferences this year. Right now we are on the road at least two weeks out of the month. And we are anticipating the results of this new project."

"We plan to release a video of my single "Running" featuring MC Hammer and FTF. We're now in negotiations for MC Hammer for him to direct and shoot the video, which should be released this summer."

"I do plan to launch my own label this year, titled Reel Life Music. I'm also looking forward to starting the first national magazine strictly for Holy Hip Hop Music. We're in the process of putting everything together."

Prime Minister concluded with a 'word to the wise' for those who dare take the broad road.

"Woe-Nah!! —that's basically saying, keep it real with Him...He'll keep it real with you."

interview by Brenda M. Ingram II

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