Prime Minister
Inside Out

Prime Minister’s latest LP, Inside Out may be his best effort yet. It’s a release that remains true to its title on multiple levels, while glazed with trendsetting beats.

‘The best’ is evident as Prime Minister allows his inner passion for God via rap to ooze to the exterior by way of his patented heavy patter, drawling vibe, flow. Prime’s commendable guest list of artists Inside Out CDadds even more notoriety to his emergence from the underground dwellings to the surface of hip hop. No doubt about it, this is his most radio-friendly creation.

Teaming up with rising Gospel R&P divas Out of Eden on "What I Feel", Prime pipes a spiced track laced with salsa-driven rhythm and hectic cowbell percussion. The ‘three sisters from the garden’ deliver a fun and catchy chorus while Prime Minister belts out his trademark "deep throat" lyrics and Kelli-Kell drops drops of reggae flava, Bahamian style. “If I feel what I fell, I’ma give it up, I’ma dance lift my hands, I’m lift Him up...”

The trail of smooth vocals continues as Erick Matthews backstops with vocals throughout the album. Find his smooth pipes on the chorus of “Sanctified Slide” —the title of this song says it all.

“Got Me Going” also finds it’s flow with Matthews on chorus flow, as PM reflects on his life’s journey and gives it up to Jesus for picking him up. Amidst all of the activities, prospective plans, tours in the works, and riding high off the
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success of his mega hit album, Prime Minister never deviates from the life changing message; as he shares his personal testimony. This track is nestled in a melodic groove.

The collaboration with MC Hammer makes for a retrospective look at life in the single "Running". Call it a case of the veteran meets the new kids, as Prime also brings in New Orleans bounce masters FTF into the track as well. It’s an intriguing combo as Fila Phil, Dr. Cheddar, MC Hammer and Prime collaborate to tell how they went “from prodigal to pinnacle by way of the Lamb”. Nice chorus hooks on this one.

Other artists featured on the release are Grapetree Records label mate Mr. Real, as well as the gritty Tengo-N-Kash and C-Boi. The partnering of these artists make for a unique collection and cool blend for listening enjoyment ignited by a power packed message.

Pooh, from the husband and wife duo, True II Society, makes an appearance and leaves the audience amazed by her tenacious yet feminine flow as she exhales life and strength on the track "In Yo Eyes".

Keeping it real is what this minister does on Inside Out, offering quality production for the head nodders and riders seeking fiery tracks to bang in their jeeps.

Producer: Blaq Gold, Terrance Harper, Kash
album release date: October, 2000
Grapetree Records

— reviewed by Brenda M. Ingram II and Stan North

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