Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving, GOSPELflava.com caught up with some of Gospel Music's hottest artists to find out what they are thankful for. We hope you are inspired and that this provokes you to consider what you are grateful for as well. Make sure that you check out these artists! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

 VaShawn MitchellVaShawn Mitchell
"This year I have so much to be grateful for! I am grateful for life, health, strength, loving family and wonderful friends. I am thankful for a #1 Gospel song, this last project has been my most successful project . Of course it's easy to feel thankful when things go smoothly and life just hands out blessings. I am also thankful for the challenges faced this year. It was those challenges that pushed me closer to God! When resources dried up I quickly realized that God is my source, there truly is "There is Nobody Greater!" Thank you God for one of the Greatest years of my life"

 Tasha CobbsTasha Cobbs
"In this season I am thankful for the love, grace, and favor God has bestowed on my life and for every opportunity that affords me the privilege to worship Him. I am also thankful for all of my loved ones and family, immediate and extended".

 Tré ThomasTré Thomas
"This year, I am most thankful for the great friendships that I have with great people.Genuine folk are indeed hard to find these days. I'm also grateful for the incredible platforms and opportunities I've had this year to share God's love with the world. God's grace is definitely sufficient for me."

 Brittney Wright Brittney Wright
"Although I have been blessed beyond measure this year with many wonderful things ;dreams coming to fruition and blessings. I must say that I am most thankful for life, health, and strength. I have lost some friends, family, and loved ones this year. I realize more now than ever that waking up grateful to see another day is another opportunity to be a blessing, show some love, and chase a dream. I couldn't ask for anything more".

 Claude DeuceClaude Deuce
"I'm thankful for good health, my family and our solid foundation in Christ!! I don't take any of that for granted and I am truly thankful to Jesus for those things".

 Tye TribbettTye Tribbett
"I'm thankful to God for making everything FRESH in my life! I'm so grateful to have my family together and stronger than ever this year. I've learned not to despise lemons, for there can be no LEMONADE without it! ALL things work together for GOOD!"

 Andre JohnsonAndre Johnson (A-minor Musik; producer, songwriter)
"I'm thankful for having the gift of recreating God's message through song and it ministering to the lives of its listeners."

 Jessica ReedyJessica Reedy
"I am most grateful that I finally believe and trust God. Because I believe and trust in Jesus the worrying, stress, and everlasting thoughts of pain are no more. I rest assured knowing that my life and my today is taken care of. God is my help."

 Mike Winans Jr.Mike Winans Jr.
"Thanksgiving is a time of reflecting on how great God has been. I'm making a conscious effort to make everyday Thanksgiving!"

 JJ HairstonJJ Hairston
"I'm thankful for my family and my new baby girl Jayelle Hairston. I'm also thankful that in the midst of economic turmoil all of my needs are met. God is still keeping His promise."

Dorinda Clark-ColeDorinda Clark-Cole
"This season is about taking time to give thanks to God for all He's done and is doing throughout each season."

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feature by Nakiyah Hayling and Martin Williams

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