Catch On Fire

During the winter season, there's nothing better to warm you up than some hot music.

Ablaize is up for the challenge. This female group enters the scene with Catch On Fire, a 13-track project with some urban hot spots that let the warmth linger.

Ablaize CDOne listen to the leadoff title track and it's easy to see that we're in for a treat. It’s an arrangement of the old church favorite "Somebody Needs to Catch On Fire", fashioned as an urban jam with tight harmonies, chronicling how this foursome came together. The groove is accented by a cameo rap appearance by Kautious (aka Kenneth Golatty) who bears vocal similarities to secular hip-hop artists Warren G and Nate Dogg.

What works once, works twice, as Kautious also appears on the bouncy "Glory", derived from the classic hymn “Glory, Glory Halleluiah”.

Minister Charles Woolfork collaborates with the group on two songs, producing the slow jam, "Can't Hold My Peace" and then entering with a cameo rap on "Ain't Gonna Be That Way”. The latter song is easily a candidate for "The Single Woman's Anthem" as it encourages young women to be bold representatives for Christ while not compromising for companionship.

"What Is This" is another up-tempo jam that highlights the vocals of Courtnei Scott. While she has a striking vocal resemblance to Beyonce Knowles of Destiny's Child, it is clear that she (and the rest of Ablazie) keep the fires of their own identities burning brightly.

AblaizeThis project has several songs that addresses the Christian's relationship with Christ and declares His love for us.

Ballads such as "Special Love", "Made 2 Love U" and "Spend Some Time" refer to the intimacy that Christ desires to share with His people and our need for communion with Christ. And if you haven’t heard her before on other projects, guest vocalist Lucinda Moore will make you remember her here as she simply scalds her astounding vocals on “Made 2 Love U”.

This vibe is continued with the aptly-titled "Worship Song" which is 8 minutes of sheer worship. Accompanied by labelmates Odis Richmond and Inner Court, Ablaize ushers you into the presence of the Lord with a song that openly declares their love and adoration for God.

Finding the right blend of worship, ballads, and jams necessary to make an impressive debut to the industry, Ablaize makes Catch on Fire an urban ‘keeper’.

Producers: Rod McDonald, Charles Woolfork
album release date: Fall, 2001
Your Move Music

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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