Adrianne Archie

Adrianne Archie made waves with the uniquely titled debut HTHAELHH, and pleased fans by dropping Warm Winter, her Christmas offering. She comes storming back with her new release, HSMS which means: Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength (again cleverly using parts of scripture to serve as the titles of her projects).

Archie taps Joel Goodwin as the primary producer on this latest offering filled with neo-soul numbers along with a new venture into pop and even some techno.

CD  "Strong" serves as a great motivational mid-tempo jam where she sings of how God's joy makes her stronger. "Souls Got Saved" is a funky, repeat-worthy celebration of new converts. Slip this into a music line up for your friends that like urban music. They will have no choice but to listen and listen again.

Archie spreads her wings and breaks her own mold, breathing her soulful vocals over a techno/dance track titled, "All I Need Love". Even further away from her familiar neo-soul roots is the Lady Gaga-esque and cleverly titled, "Slow Down".

"Nothing for Something", featuring Nemo, is an eight-minute song that is remixed midway through. That is creativity at its best!

Can this album get any more enjoyable? The title track ensures that it does and you’ll just nod your head and be encouraged to go deeper in your relationship with God. Backing vocals, fender Rhodes and lyrics are all butter.

Be inspired and captivated by such songs as the lead single, "Extra Credit" and "Embrace The Future". "Sad" is a spoken word/rap/R&P ballad that is both innovative and creative where Archie chooses to be happy in spite of what is going on in the world, pointing everyone to Jesus. Sit back relax and enjoy the lovely sounds of "Friends".

HSMS is the real deal with the total package. Do not overlook this one or you will miss out on a wonderful musical and spiritual experience.

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Production: Joel Goodwin
album release date: September 2009
SoulLinq Productions

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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