Dr. Allean Vernado
Healed and Made Whole

Dr. Allean Vernado CDHeaven’s Song Records introduces evangelist, author, songwriter and singer Dr. Allean Vernado on this project, as she delivers contemporary sounds that addresses God’s desire to deliver and heal all those who come to Him.

Healed and Made Whole is marked by Vernado’s identifiable vocals that bring a vocal vibe of gravelled resiliency into the picture. Neatly combined with nearly urban tracks and the accompaniment of James Jackson & Voices of Sacramento, it makes for an intriguing mix that stands apart from the crowd of new artist releases.

One of the snaggy tracks is “My, My, My God”. With simple lyricism that praises God for his character as described in Psalm 18, the song’s hook and laidback, Carribean flair is appealing in all its elements.

James Jackson
 On International Sound Records, James Jackson & Voices of Sacramento bring a fabulous collection of material title Raise The Roof 'Shout Glory' that ranges from urban-tinged traditional to powered mass vocals glazed with expert solos.

Hits are "You Can Make It", with San Franklin torching on vocals, and a rousing, romping "He Never Fails Me" with reprise. Jackson knows how to bring out the best in this West-coast choir, and it's joy to listen to.

Elsewhere the bump is heavier, with cuts such as “Covered” and “Redeem From the Curse” leaving no doubt that it is only through Jesus’ shed blood that we are set free from all that may be binding us. The overall vibe here is a groove of old school vocals meeting contemporary praise.

“Jesus You Are My First Love” is a throwback in sound to a gritty R&P flava, with plenty popping guitar and a nice rhythmic ride to set the tender message spinning into memory.

At six songs plus two reprises, this project is short and sweet. But certainly enough to bring home the crucial message that Dr. Vernado has purposed to deliver.

Producers: Dr. Allean Vernado, James Jackson
album release date: Apring, 2001
Heaven's Song Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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