Alvin Slaughter

Alvin Slaughter has traveled the globe singing and preaching, and still puts out music that ministers to the masses.

CDOn Overcomer, Slaughter amazes, hooking up with Aaron Lindsey who knows a thing (or two) about global ministry. Lindsey brings a fresh sound to Slaughter's work, while maintaining his much loved style. Myron Butler serves as vocal arranger to help bring out the best.

"Oh Give Thanks" is just what the people need, its simple lyrics making it accessible to churches looking for something amenable for congregational worship.

The swingy "Mighty Praise" is infectious in melody and arrangement, and vertical in its focus. Members of Levi (sisters Candy and Chelsea "Peaches" West, Aishia Cleveland and Deonis "Pumah" Cook) put the icing on the cake with their rich background vocals.

Slaughter's baritone is so soothing as he sings "He Loves Me To The End", which has a hint of African flavor with an emphasis on the tom toms: think Newsboys meets Alvin Slaughter and Levi. The piece has the potential to become a theme song for believers in the US and abroad.

"Tell Me Again (Lest I Forget)" is perhaps the album highlight, if not for its quiet groove, then for its recounting of God's continual care and nurture even amidst our failings.


"I was not writing anything. I wasn't feeling anything and to be honest, I was not hearing anything. A lot of music that I was hearing, whether Gospel, CCM or praise and worship, sounded the same to me. The problem was that although I loved the songs, they could not express everything that was in my heart to say...

Check out the interview with Alvin Slaughter.

Link to Interview

Slaughter is emphasizing simplicity of late, something that comes through on "Power In the Name of the Lord". While not heavy on lyrics, it has just enough to bring people into the presence of God. Staying in the vein of simple yet powerful, Slaughter covers Martha Munizzi's "I Receive Your Love For Me", another worshipful song of reflection.

Lead single "Great Grace" is a ballad that is perfect for Gospel radio with driving choir vocals on the chorus and clever vocal arrangements. Lindsey's daughter, Kennedy, wonderfully quotes, I Peter 10: 5 out of the NIV Bible to introduce the cut. Steve Crawford of Anointed writes "Hallelujah", which has the feel of a traditional ballad, yet has a contemporary edge.

Overall this pairing of Alvin Slaughter with Aaron Lindsay makes for some great Gospel, and an album that will no doubt be a source of joy for fans from all over. Overcomer is one to grab.

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Production: Aaron Lindsey
album release date: June, 2008
Integrity Music

— reviewed by Dwayne Lacy

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