Ann Nesby
Living My Life

The year was 1988 when the Reverend James Cleveland brought the Gospel Music Workshop and its congregants to St Louis, Missouri. Donald Lawrence presented "If I Can't Say A Word" to the mass choir and needed a soloist, so he asked Ann Nesby to sing the lead for the recording. From that moment, the world fell in love with her distinctively soulful and gloriously rich voice.

CD Some 20 years, 2 Grammy awards (with The Sounds of Blackness) and six solo nominations later, Ann Nesby finds joy in the journey with the release of her seventh solo project Living My Life, a new venture for Creflo and Taffi Dollar's Arrow Soul label.

The "Queen of Inspirational Soul" impacts her audience by delivering her brand of Life Music (music which ministers to the whole person). This disc is proof of that as it is filled with music that details both the tragedies and triumphs of the human experience.

Of significance are the two undeniably inspirational songs contained on the disc. Nesby makes a bold statement with the Vernon Messam (Canton Jones, Jeff Sparks) produced ballad, "I See Beyond," admonishing the listeners to look beyond the normal everyday situations and circumstances and find the source of strength that comes from God (Psalms 121).

In "Alright", Darnell "Baby D" Davis and Brian Kendrick adorn Nesby's vocals in an infectious groove without compromising the gospel message. One listen to the track as Ann lets loose and you are reassured that God promised everything will be alright.

Ann Nesby continues to make the music that people want to hear and as time goes on, we are confident that there will always be someone ready and eager to listen.

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Production: Various
album release date: June, 2014
Arrow Soul

— review by Gregory Gay

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