Anthony Brown & group therAPy

With Anthony Brown & group therAPy's self-titled debut, listeners are in for a tasty treat from start to finish. From the Broadwayesque sounds of tracks such as "Group Therapy" and "Harvest Song" to the more traditional gospel feel of "Your Way", this album is lyrically, vocally, and musically amazing. (Read our interview with him here.)

The opening number "Group Therapy" showcases the vocal strength, flawless harmonies, and sultry sounds of the group. Additionally, the track highlights Brown's classical training. The smoothness of his tenor vocals glides across the base guitar, piano and strings as group therAPy accompanies him in telling what comes across as a mini gospel play. Filled with dramatic pauses, storytelling, highs and lows, this number sets the tone for what's in store on the rest of this album.

CDVaShawn Mitchell is featured on the up-tempo track "I Will Be". This hand-clapping piece just bursts with declarations of being whatever God has called you to be.

"Harvest Song" is likely to become every Christian's anthem. With lyrics such as "I don't know how He's going to do it, but I KNOW that he's going to do something" and "Yes! I believe God for a miracle", this song speaks to reaping the blessings of the seeds you've planted. Waiting with expectation that God has a harvest for you. This track features the wonderful Maurette Brown Clark. Adding her vocals to the mix of eclectic sounds of gospel therAPy and the lead from Brown just gives this song a hearty gospel flava.

The vocal arrangements of group therAPy are impeccable throughout this entire album and it's highlighted even more on "Beyond, Beyond". Brown shares the lead with various members of his group, resulting in musically genius, spirit-filled, vocal masterpiece.

"Testimony" is the lead single from this sure-to-be-classic album. The joyous upbeat track shares various accounts of God doing what only He can do; showing up and showing out! From fighting in the courtroom or the boardroom, to feeding your family or healing your body, this song encourages us all to tell our testimony: "Can't nobody tell it like me / cause it's my testimony".

Brown belts out what appears to be his personal testimony in "Deep Enough". The passion, pain and victory come through in every word. Lyrically, this is one of the most powerful songs about how deep God's love goes for his children.

Not only is Anthony Brown an amazing singer, he is also a highly sought after songwriter. He wrote all of the songs on this album; he's also written songs for many others, including the 2009 hit "It Ain't Over" by Maurette Brown Clark. Brown states that he wants his music to heal and be therapeutic to listeners. I'd say he exceeded his goal. This project is sure to make its way up the charts, so make sure it makes its way into your collection.

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Production: Anthony Brown
album release date: August, 2012
Tyscot Records

— review by Marquita Bradley

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