This Chapter In My Life

After several years of hiatus, Grapetree Records' artist Antonious, returns to the rap scene, bringing with him a "worth-the-wait" album, This Chapter In My Life.

Antonious CDhaving spent time away honing his skills and chronicling some of life's struggles and victories, this album emerges as his best yet.

"...Even though I have missed the mark on more than one occasion, that goodness has never left me..." inserts Antonious.

This junior release proves to be unequivocally on point, and plays as an incredible story line while showcasing his lyrical aptitude, futuristic beats, creative splashes of an "audio" biography and even a taste of vocal bravado.

Antonious cleverly gives testimony of his life through twelve sub-titles, giving credence to the title of the album.

The introductory cut "Face It" serves as a melodious preface, laying the foundation for what turns out to be a rugged musical journey. Antonious —the lone artist on this project— literally "flies solo" with raw talent laced with simplistic style while addressing deep issues.

The opening song, "Throwed", is off the hinges. It has that "low rida" vibe to grab the ears of the hardest thug and yet leaves you intoxicated with the assurity that knowing God is the key to successful living. It tapers off with some harmonious flava, flexing a pinch of his vocal skills.

AntoniousOther noteworthy tracks include "Work It Out", and "Don't Blink Too Fast" which stand out as by way of authentic head-noddin' production.

Antonious continues to interject street jargon that will likely keep eyebrows raised. "Verbalistics" and "There's No Way" are penned by the author as "21st-Century funk."

"Send It Down" is a remake of the retro track "Love On Down" by Evelyn "Champagne" King. The range of music delivered here spans the musical spectrum.

This Chapter In My Life is an impressive collage which tells a story and relays a message of hope. The end of the project offers spur of the moment freestyle, an added bonus to the album:

"Everyone has a story to write.
Some will write about how hard it was dealing with drugs.
Some will write about fighting against lust,
insecurity, hurts, and different pains.
Isn't it good to know that whatever your story is about,
the end can always be great because
we have a God who gives us deliverance,
shows us confidence, and heals us when we hurt?
In this chapter of my life,
God has done just that for me.
He's helped me to realize how
great in Him I really am."

So concludes Antonious.

Producers: Antonious and Dra "The Producer"
album release date: Fall, 2001
Grapetree Records

review by Brenda M. Ingram II

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