Jesus High

Applejaxx continues to bring some freshness to the industry. Back with an EP titled Jesus High, the emcee features clever word play along with some straight-forward rhyming (confounding some critics!)

Production is handled by Jaxx, Chizmatonic, G Styles and Int'l Show.

Chizmatonic laces a nice pulsating beat on "Future" while Applejaxx explains why he raps in that abstract flow. He also lets folks know that he is doing this strictly to help get people ready for the return of Christ.

CD  The title track is a hot dance track (courtesy of G Styles), featuring the pop friendly vocals of Odetta. It's self-explanatory and one of Applejaxx' most straightforward, non abstract deliveries heard on any his releases. He plainly points out that Jesus is the One that people "really need to know".

While the artist has endured some criticism for his delivery, associations and for perhaps not being the "cookie cutter" rapper that some expect him to be, the youth pastor and husband explains to the masses on "Fear Factor" that his redemption allows him to be bold. Labelmate Coldstone co-signs and also delivers his own feelings to some criticisms directed towards him.

The dance track, "iLive", featuring frequent collaborator Ashleigh Nicole, makes a cleverl allusion to the technology world.

Jesus High is an EP that will both surprise and satisfy critics with some in your face "Jesus Music" in Applejaxx style. It's just enough to whet the appetites for more!

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Production: Various
album release date: Summer, 2010

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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