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Arrow Records Presents: It's Official: Hip Hop Remixed

Arrow Records is expanding its roster and its reach. The label has signed Hip Hop/rock/R&B artist Shonlock, and now drops a mixtape/remix album titled Arrow Records Presents: It's Official: Hip Hop Remixed. Hosted by DJ Sean Blue, the album features some new artists and some familiar artists (most notably Deleon and Canton Jones).

CD  Jones provides a facelift to "Living Clean" and "Kingdom Business" which should whet the appetites of those waiting for Kingdom Business 2 featuring Cajo artists.

T-Haddy, an underground artist on the verge of breaking out, makes notable contributions to the album. As the cousin of Deitrick Haddon, there are a few similarities in vocals, but he brings more of a street edge. Take the serious heat on "Be On E", for example, a head-nodder where the beat is only slighted accented with a few notes banged out on piano.

Keep your head nodding with Viktory's "Get Hot", as he encourages people to get "off the fence" and get on fire for God.

A little controversy surrounds "Oxy Clean" by 16 year-old new emcee Glo that is unrelated to the recent death of its pitchman Billy Mays. The artist doesn’t mention the name of Jesus as much as various message boards would like him to. However, the song is catchy and the beat (courtesy of Big Ran) is infectious with a little hint of "go go". Yes, he is bragging about living life as someone who clean in Christ.

Things are stepped up a few notches as Shonlock unleashes the rock-infused "Fire Away". This is not a cookie-cutter artist; his upcoming album holds promise. DJ Sean Blu has a few drops between songs (which at times become too much even for a good DJ such as he). T-Haddy comes back to unleash a hot dance cut, "Riding Til The End", a song about staying in the walk with Christ from start to finish.

There are some definite hits on this one. All in all, this project is enjoyable and it definitely has music to ride to.

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Production: Various
album release date: July 2009
Utopia Music Group/ Tyscot Records

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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