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Benita Washington
The Word Remains

"This time around the listener is getting a more mature and more confident artist and a more capable worship leader. A good friend of mine told me that until I knew who I was I wouldn't be able to access all that is within me. I think I'm at that point now."
—Benita Washington

On Benita Washington's junior project, The Word Remains, from Shanachie Records, the former Gospel Dream winner and Soul Train Lady of Soul award nominee steps out with an invigorating 11-song project featuring production from Daniel Weatherspoon and musical director Virgil Straford.

Starting with the very funky opening title cut, Washington continues to show adept in a range of styles, from the groove-ridden jams to soft ballads such as "Watchin' Me" and "Grateful".

CD Judging from the song title, you might guess that "Proverbs 31" would be one of Washington's gentler cuts. You'd be wrong! It's a slamming 'get-up-and-dance' tour-de-force in which she lets her powerful pipes celebrate the Biblical ideal of womanhood, as expressed in the well known chapter from the Book of Wisdom. Big Al drops a guest rap on the cut.

On "Enough Is Enough", Washington joins with Weatherspoon and Darnell Levine on vocals to express her desire to leave worldly "stuff". With a driving track and staccato vocal backgrounds punctuating the lyrics, this one strikes a memorable chord.

Other songs to note are the melodic and worshipful "Faithful God" and "The Lord is Exalted" with its horn laden jazz overtones.

Call The Word Remains another success for Benita Washington, and a sign that she's here to stay.

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Production: Daniel Weatherspoon, Virgil Stafford
album release date: June, 2010
Shanachie Records

— review by Stan North

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