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Rev. James Moore / Frank Williams

Best of James Moore CDOn the late Rev. James Moore's essential album from 1993, Live in Detroit, one of the several overpowering impacts is the strong friendship that he enjoyed with Gospel pioneer, Frank Williams. It was evident from the powerful back-and-forth duets the two shared on the project, from Williams' expert production of the project and from the inter-song banter and reminiscing that is so prevalent throughout.

Both men have since passed away, Williams in 1993 and Rev. Moore in 2000. How entirely appropriate then, that their record label of several years (Malaco) has chosen to simultaneously release 'Best Of' projects from these respective artists.

The Very Best of Rev. James Moore is a 10-track compilation that pulls
Rev. James Moore Tribute
Click for tribute to the late Rev. James Moore Rev. James Moores recording career began with Savoy Records in 1974, but he had loved the Gospel and Gospel music from his early days in Detroit, where he learned much from Mattie Moss Clark, Elma Hendricks, James Cleveland, Richard White and others. He also gave considerable credit to the Gospel Music Workshop of America......Click on image above for the full tribute.
together some of the most powerful of his songs from over the years, including a cut from his most recent project (see review) released just prior to his passing ("My Relationship Part 1").

Other songs on the album showcase just how incredibly God chose to bless the vocal cords of this Gospel giant. Able to move from the richest of low tenor timbres to the most piercing of the higher end, and beyond into a full falsetto, Moore does it so easily that you scarcely notice how nearly impossible it would be for anyone else to do that.

On "Joy", all that is in abundance, plus plenty of evidence that he knew more than most about how to spontaneously work with a choir (Mississippi Mass in this case). His signature pulses of "Shhhh! Shhh. Shhh Shhh" are simply classic.

To the delight of Moore fans everywhere, the album includes a new song, never before released —"Blessed Jesus". Consistent with all his material, the song echoes in lyrics and tone the intensely personal tightness that Rev. Moore had with our Saviour. Accompanied simply by piano, and arranged by Jerry Smith and Jerry Mannery, this is a gem.

Other inclusions are the groovy favorite, "He That Dwelleth", David Curry's "Lift Him Up", and the duet with Frank Williams, "He Was There All The Time". By the time Moore's classic "God Don't Need No Matches" concludes the CD, all in earshot are grateful once again that God has allowed us to be blessed by Moore.

The Frank Williams Collection CDThe Frank Williams Collection brings together 10 songs from the Gospel visionary —solo efforts never before released on the Malaco label.

As the one of the famous Williams siblings, Frank saw a career that (in brief) began with his being instrumental in the formation of his brothers' trio, The Williams Brothers. This was followed by his subsequent role as lead singer for the renowned Jackson Southernaires (along with his brother Huey), and was finished by the wildly-successful realization of his dream to form a state-wide choir —The Mississippi Mass.

(For a expert summary of the entire Williams family history, check out Still Standing Tall published in 1999 on Watson Guptill, in which The Williams Brothers tell their own story.)

An unhurried, soulfully-large warmth of vocal expression defined William's style, heard here on numbers such as "You Can't Hurry God" and "God Never Runs Short of Anything".

Also in the mix of this compilation are the touching story-song "Teddy Bear" and his choir-backed hit version of "Amazing Grace". "Near The Cross", an over 9-minute rendition of the favorite hymn, re-arranged by longtime colleague David Curry, is a highlight of this collection.

Malaco Records claims that these two discs are an essential element to any traditional Gospel collection.

They are so right.

Producers: Various
album release dates: March, 2001
Malaco Records

written and reviewed by Stan North

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