Beverly Crawford
Thank You For All You've Done

Beverly Crawford needs no introduction; her name alone evokes a hallelujah shout. You can be sure that as she ministers, she is emptying herself of everything she has.

Such is the case with her seventh solo project, Thank You For All You've Done, on the Echopark JDI Entertainment label. It is church in its purest form. The disc was recorded live at Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, with Paul Jackson and Antioch's Voices of Praise serving CD as the backing ensemble. Michael Bereal and James Roberson handle production duties, as they have for many years for the award-winning vocalist.

The tone is set with the first song, a rousing remake of The Caravans' "Sweeping Through The City". Our first taste of Crawford's remake was at the 12th Annual BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Luncheon in Nashville in early 2014, where Pastor Shirley Caesar was honored. Pastor Donnie McClurkin described the performance THEN as dangerous, and as expected, Crawford dismantled the Rocketown venue, leaving only a few bricks standing. The same happens on the disc. We only pray that Antioch had good fire insurance.

Crawford goes on to reprise "Jesus, Precious King" from her 1995 solo debut of the same name. It's as if time has stood still, for Crawford delivers the goods just like she did some nearly 20 years ago.

Rodney Posey's "Inhabit My Praise" makes an appearance on the project, as well as the rhythmic, uptempo "Every Breath".

Crawford shares a tender moment with her daughter Latrina on "Hero", a song written in memory of Crawford's father, Bishop Walter Camps, Sr. Super writer Stan Jones contributes the majestic song of celebration, the vertically directed "You Are".

Thank You For All You've Done is another winner from Beverly Crawford, and rightly belongs within easy reach of every CD collection.

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Production: Michael Bereal, James Roberson
album release date: May, 2014
Echopark JDI Entertainment

— review by Gregory Gay

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